Monday, July 9, 2018

Our Favorite Free Rainy Day/It's Too Hot Out Activities

Sheesh, the weather these past few weeks has been CRAZY hot. I know its July and I live in the South, but I'm used to spending a majority of my summers trying to soak up every bit of sun while lounging on a raft in the pool. Life with a little one has definitely changed up my typical summer routine... no more sunbathing for me! We love to spend some time at the pool, but our favorite time of the day to go is in the evening after Dev gets off work. Our pool is usually empty around 5-6ish and we have the place to ourselves. It has cooled off a bit, the sun isn't as strong, and we usually pack our dinner and eat together at the picnic tables by the pool-- its a dream. 

But what in the world am I supposed to do with an active toddler when its 90+ degrees out every day and she wants to run around?? Or, on those days when its raining and we can't go outside? Sometimes it is worth it to pay an entry fee to a museum, but sometimes you're just looking for a quick, easy, free activity.

Some of our favorite places are:
- The Pet Store-- Oh my goodness, Lily Grace could spend hours in the pet store and be completely content. We have been going here on the weekends and taking Tucker to get a new toy or a treat. Sometimes we just take him to get out of the house and enjoy some new things to smell. Lil loves to see all the fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, cats, dogs, etc. She waves to all of them and says hi, it is truly the cutest thing.

- Discovery Place Nature Museum-- this museum is seriously one of my all time favorites for little kids. They have several animal areas for the kids to look at, a gorgeous shaded outdoor area (great for hot days, not so much for rainy), a butterfly conservatory, and a little theater for shows. This one is free for 2 and under!
- Morrison Library- This is the library closest to our house and we often walk there. They have a fun little kids area to play in and several storytimes throughout the day.
- South Park Mall- Who knew the mall could be so fun for little kids? Lil and I were here last week while I returned some stuff and we walked around for a little bit and stopped into several of the stores. At the Lego store, the American Girl store, and the Disney store they all have play areas for little kids to play with the toys. The American Girl store was the best by far, the employees told me if the kids were able to reach the displays, they were allowed to play with them. They had TONS of displays around the store and even a little cafe area where you could bring your doll and have a tea party with her. It was adorable!

I took these two pictures to send to a friend whose daughter loves horses, but you can see how fun the toys are, and the kids are allowed to play with them!

- Imaginon- Imaginon is a great place for kids of all ages. It is a children's library, so they have story time and music classes. They also have multiple play areas for the kids to climb/explore. They also have a theater where they put on plays of children's books. I can't say enough good things about this place!

There are a couple other fun museums we haven't checked out yet that are on our list, but these places all charge a small fee: Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte, Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, Rock Hill Children's Museum, and the Sea Life Aquarium in Concord. Charlotte is such a fun city with so much to offer for families, but a lot of these activities are something you could find in any major city. It's just a matter of getting out there and doing it, right??

Have a great day!

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