Monday, July 30, 2018

Our Trip to the Farmer's Market

Good Morning! This past weekend we walked to our neighborhood Farmer's Market to grab some flowers and a few other things. We had never been to this Farmer's Market before and we loved it! I love being able to support local farmers and artisans by purchasing from them rather than through Harris Teeter or Trader Joe's. 

Lily Grace LOVES to smell flowers/herbs from our garden, so when she saw the big flowers at the market she knew exactly what to do and went to town! 
She found a sunflower the size of her head and dove right in :) Dev and I were cracking up. 
We walked around and looked at the different stations, but Lily Grace kept wanting to go back to the flowers. My dress is here and on sale! I love this dress because it goes with everything-- all my jewelry, every scarf, you name it. I throw a denim jacket over it and wear it to teach too. Lil was pulling on my necklace so it's all twisted :)
The sweet woman in charge of one of the flower booths let Lil stop and smell every single flower. We bought the prettiest bouquet from her for only $10!
My sunglasses are here. I always buy cheap sunglasses now because I will inevitably lose or break them within a matter of months. These are only $14 and look exactly like the RayBans I used to own (but of course, broke).

 There was a local musician at the Farmer's Market and Lil had a great time listening to his music while Dev was off buying more food. This sweet guy even told Lily Grace she could pluck his strings on his guitar, but she was a little too shy. How sweet is that??

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you all have a great day. 

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  1. What a beautiful (and fun) excursion with your sweet little girl! We love visiting our local farmers' markets, and my boys always pick out the treats. I love that Lily Grace totally gravitated to the flowers - smart girl! Have a beautiful weekend!