Monday, July 16, 2018

Turks and Caicos

Good Morning! I'm sitting here sipping my coffee in bed looking back through pictures from our Turks and Caicos trip and wishing we were still there... ahh it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! 

So whenever we get back from a trip I go through vacation withdrawals and immediately start planning our next one. Anyone else do this? We are currently trying to figure out what would be the perfect destination for Babymoon #2-- any recommendations? And would you bring your first child with you? We can't decide that either! I'd love for you to share any opinions about Babymoons down below!

Anyway, back to reminiscing about the Turks and Caicos...

I have been to half a dozen different islands in the Caribbean and I have to say Providenciales was hands down the cleanest, nicest, friendliest of the islands I've been to. We had a GREAT experience there and I know for sure that we will be back with Lily Grace and other future babies.

One of my closest girlfriends has an uncle with a condo at The Regent Grand in Providenciales so we were lucky enough to have a free place to stay while we were there, and we used our Chase travel points to fly down there for free (See Dev's post here about how we travel using points). We started the trip with a free upgrade to first class, so with a Bloody Mary in one hand and my Kindle Fire in the other, our vacation started off right.

This dress is super old, but I linked a similar fun summery dress here

The flight from Charlotte is direct and only 3 hours, so we landed and were ready to head straight to the beach to walk around. After that we had a quick dinner and then a relaxing night because we had a snorkeling trip booked for the following day.

My coverup is from last year, but you can find a similar one here. The cute little hat is available here I actually loved this hat for the beach because it wasn't too floppy. I hate it when you're wearing a floppy hat and the wind blows the floppy part, it's annoying! This wasn't floppy enough to be affected by wind. 
Coverup here

Island Vibes Tours (I'd highly recommend!) picked us up on the beach outside the Regent Grand and we hopped on for our half day snorkel trip. They took us to a coral reef to snorkel, then a private island for a bit, and then we went out to the ocean to jump off their diving board and go down their water slide.

At the private island

Jumping off the diving board!

After the snorkel trip we were exhausted so we all took naps by the pool. Dev and I woke up a little earlier than our friends so we showered and headed down to the beach to walk around.

Our busy snorkel day was followed by a lazy beach/pool day. There was one of those ocean trampolines that you could jump off of and we spent a good chunk of time jumping off of that... has anyone ever done that before?? Those are hard to jump off of!! Unfortunately no pics because we didn't want our phones to get wet.

Then the 4 of us headed out to a really nice dinner on the island at Coco Bistro. It was DELICIOUS! 

Before dinner. This dress is also from last year, but this one is similar.

 We wrapped up our trip with a lot more beach time, pool time, and ocean trampoline time. It was such a fun trip and we loved every minute spent with our friends there. We can't wait to go back!


  1. Wow! Looks like a dream trip! Your vacation outfits are so cute!