Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Book Club-- December

Good Morning friends! I hope you're having a great start to 2019. One of my goals this year is to read more books than I did last year, meaning I need to read a minimum of 39 books. That feels like a LOT! I keep a running list of books to read on my phone but would love any suggestions you have. Please leave me one or two in the comments below!

The month of December was BUSY. I was only able to read 2 books last month, and to be honest with you, one of them was SO HORRIBLE it might make my short list of "Worst Books I've Ever Read". I don't even want to write about it other than to tell you all the characters were shallow snobs and not a single one was relatable. I was hoping that at some point they would redeem themselves, but nope. They were terrible all the way through to the end. The only silver lining? The book was short. So I only had to put up with it for a few days. 
The other book I chose to read because it brought back memories of this beautiful place we recently visited: Bali! 

Image result for eat pray love
I read Eat, Pray, Love for the second time (I initially read it when it first came out) and had a very different appreciation for it the second time around. The first time I read it, I HATED it. Like hated it so much it was also on my short list of "Worst Books I've Ever Read" (I promise it really is a short list!). I had a difficult time relating to Elizabeth Gilbert and couldn't get past that as I continues to read the book. But this most recent time reading it, I had a different experience. Having now been to 2/3 of the places she visited, I could appreciate her travel experiences and her views of the different cultures. This still is not on my "Favorite Books" list, but I can safely say it's off the "Worst Books" list. 


  1. I feel like people either LOVE Eat Pray Love or HATE it. I liked it, and her second book as well. I have her book on creativity on my kindle but haven't gotten around to reading it yet!

    1. You're so right Lacey! Everyone I knew who read it either loved it or hated it too. I read Big Magic last month and loved it, it was a great inspirational read if you're a creative person. I hope you enjoy it!