Friday, January 4, 2019

Lily Grace's Attempt at Jailbreak... Leading Us to Her New Room

Hi friends and happy Friday! About 6-7 weeks ago we had a little bit of a scare when Lily Grace attempted crawling out of her crib during what was supposed to be her nap time. Luckily I had been watching her on the monitor (thank God for a video monitor!) and was able to catch her as she was straddling the edge of the crib before she went down the other side. She was completely silent as she did all of this-- not. a. single. sound! And boy you should've seen the smile on her face and look of accomplishment. If her crawling out of her crib wasn't so terrifying to us new parents, it would've been a sweet moment to see how proud she was. 

This was her old, gender neutral room before we found out she was a girl. We added some more "girly" touches after she was born. Yes, we waited until the bitter end to find out the gender and I plan on doing that again. We loved the surprise! P.S. See those empty picture frames? It's so hard for me to remember life before our spunky little girl 😍

We started researching transitioning to toddler beds and realized we were in a little bit of a pickle... we were leaving for Bali 2 days later and LG was going to go stay at her grandparents house while we were on our trip. Her grandparents did NOT have a toddler bed, nor were they able to get one and build it in less than 48 hours (apparently they have lives, including jobs, how inconsiderate of them 😜). We decided we didn't want to transition her to a toddler bed at home for 2 days, then her go back to a crib at her grandparents, then go back to a toddler bed yet again when we got home. We decided to try to keep her in her crib until we made it home from Bali, and then we would transition her.

Throughout this whole process we realized that a lot more goes into the toddler bed "rite of passage" than just the bed... we needed to make sure she understood that her room was for sleeping, not for playing, and had to change up the layout/what we had in her room. We didn't want there to be too much change all at once and have it be overwhelming to her, so we started little by little. Luckily she has not yet tried to crawl out of her crib again, apparently it was a "one and done" attempt (at least for now). Since ideally we want her to stay in the crib as long as possible, we started transitioning her room by removing her toys from her room and taking out any furniture that wasn't secured to the walls. This left her dresser/changing table, IKEA cube organizer, her crib, and the rocking chair/pouf ottoman. Once she was used to this, we repainted her room and rearranged her furniture. Now we have everything done except converting her crib to a toddler bed and we are waiting for Lily Grace to show us she's ready for that. Her pediatrician recommended her staying in there as long as possible and said that if she hasn't tried crawling out again since her first attempt, we should wait to make the transition. 

Anyway, to wrap up our super long story, here are the pictures of her newly updated room! I tried to link everything below if I could find it. The paint color is Sherwin Williams "Glimmer". The frames for her gallery wall and the knobs we added to her dresser came from HomeGoods and I painted them to go with the color scheme. The letters above her bed are her monogram (kind of hard to tell at an angle) and I made those with flowers from Michael's, a hot glue gun, and a couple hours of work.
Rocker (our color is now discontinued, but this is similar)/Ottoman Pouf/Pink Floral Wall Art/White Floral Wall Art/Blue Floral Wall Art/Monogrammed Bag/Curtains/Sheer Curtain

I know you'll ask where the bookshelves on the wall went... we put them in her playroom downstairs. We were afraid she would climb up on the chair and try to reach the books on the top shelf. We didn't want to worry about her falling off the chair trying to reach a book. I'll do a playroom update soon too so you can see how we did that too. 

Have a great day!


  1. The little announcement wall hanging is SO precious, what a sweet keepsake for baby girl when she grows up! Her nursery is beautiful, I bet you love spending time in there, Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you!! We had one of those birth announcement storks in our yard when she was born and got to keep that part! If you zoom in the picture below it you can see the stork 😉