Monday, January 28, 2019

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday friends! It was pretty much your typical, run of the mill weekend around here but I have to say, it was much needed! Devin had been out of the country for a week and a half so we were excited to have him back and get to spend some quality family time together. 

On Friday afternoon our church was having a little Polish festival. My parents had planned on going and were also going to be our babysitters later that night, so we all walked over together for a few hours of fun. My parents ate some pierogis, kielbasa, sauerkraut, and other delicious foods while we all watched Lily Grace dance to the Polish music the band was playing. This girl loves to dance!

Here she is dancing with some of the other kids.
After the Polish festival we walked home, got Lil ready for bed, and then Devin and I headed out to a friend's birthday dinner at Del Frisco's. It is Charlotte's restaurant week which means many of the restaurants will do a specialized menu for a fixed $30ish price. I'm pretty sure its the only time of year you can eat at Del Frisco's for $35, and therefore the only time of year we go to Del Frisco's 😀. We started with the seafood plateau appetizer and then both had steaks. They were delicious!
On our way there
 With the delicious seafood plateau. It had king crab, shrimp, stone crab, lobster, and more. So good!
Saturday morning we all woke up and LG and I headed to the gym while Devin got some stuff done around the house. 
I did BBG in my little gym corner again. Love this private little spot with everything I need!
Post workout sweaty selfie 
Then I showered and got ready in peace after my workout while Lil kept playing at the childcare area. You never realize how much you appreciate a shower (aka alone time) like being the mom of a toddler, right?

After that we took Lily Grace to my parents house so my dad could watch her while she napped. Here she is watching Ohio State basketball game with my dad. 
Devin wanted us to go to a couple open houses before we officially pulled the trigger on our home renovation, making sure we don't want to just move to another house rather than go through the headache of the renovation. My mom came with us. While some of these houses were beautiful, we realized how much we love our area. We are really lucky to be less than 10 minutes from downtown in a city that is rapidly growing, making our location more and more desirable. The more our city grows, the worse the traffic gets, and the more we realize how lucky we are to be 4 miles away from the city center (and still a very safe, beautiful area). Also, because our house was built in the 1970s, we have a significantly bigger lot size than the newer homes being built further out. That being said, I am really happy Dev made us go look at what else was out there, because it confirmed that we are making the right decision. 

After the open houses, we stayed at Nana and Pop Pop's house for awhile while Lil played with them and read some books. Then we came home, had dinner, and watched the first 20 minutes or so of Frozen. Devin didn't want to be in the picture, but I snapped them holding hands on the couch.😍

At a little before 7 we put her to bed, and went to work Marie Kondo-ing our closets. This is just about half of the clothes/ items we decided to either sell at a consignment store or donate.  
Multiple bags and boxes of stuff and our closets are still full 😳. I promise we aren't hoarders!

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church. I recently found out that our church does a free childcare while we attend the service and that has been a Godsend! Catholic Churches don't typically do that, meaning the parents are in charge of their active toddlers during the service, and it makes it difficult to focus on the Mass. We are so relieved our church does this! For any other local mamas who are Catholic, St. Gabriel does it at the 9:00 and 10:45 services. They get to play, have snack, and do some religious themed coloring in the preschool classrooms. It's a dream!

After that, we played around the house, Devin went to go help some friends with yard work, Lily Grace went down for a nap and I put my new tabs on my Bible. I saw these on Andrea's blog last week and HAD to have them! 
I love how bright and fun they are. I will say, there wasn't one for every single book in the Catholic Bible, but there were a few blank ones, so I was able to make do and slide those in afterwards. 
After that I painted my nails, ordered McAlister's on Postmates (thank God for food delivery!) and started catching up on the Bachelor. Are any of you watching this season? What's your take on the Hannah vs Caelynn drama? At first I was on team Hannah, but I think Caelynn seems more genuine and honest. 
After Lily Grace woke up, we played a little more around the house, then ate dinner and she took a bath. She is no longer interested in her bath toys and only wants to play with bowls and cups. She loves filling up the different containers and dumping them on herself. She played in here until she pruned. We kept having to add more hot water for her. 😀
Once we put her to bed, we tidied up a little around the house and sat down to watch the Fyre Fraud documentary on Hulu. Have any of you seen it? We heard it was better than the Netflix one, but I haven't seen that one yet so I can't compare. I can tell you though, the Hulu one was REALLY fascinating. I highly recommend it! It blew my mind.

So that was our weekend... nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary, but exactly what we needed. I hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. What a fun weekend! Del Frisco's looks incredible, and I also loved those Bible tabs. You are so smart to look at new homes before deciding to renovate. And I'd say keep that wonderful location close to the city! Sometimes we're tempted by newer homes, but it would seriously add 30-45 minutes to my husband's commute. Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. It's so tempting to see something brand new that needs zero work, but you're right, our location is what's more important. Thanks for stopping by Tanya!

  2. Great weekend, and those Bible tabs are stunning!

  3. Restaurant week is the best , ours in boston is in March and I can't wait! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So impressed with your Marie Kondo-ing!!! Also, I totally had Hannah B in my top 3...until week 2. Now I think she's straight up crazy! I can't wait for tonight's episode!

    1. Girl, SAME! But she makes for some really entertaining tv 😂

  5. Mmmmm that polish festival looks fun - and delicious!