Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday Favorites-- Easter Edition

Good morning friends!! Devin and I are currently toddler free and enjoying the first little bit of my spring break from Charleston, SC. 

We are LOVING this alone time together! Don't get me wrong, we miss our sweet girl, but there was something really nice about waking up this morning and being able to enjoy my cup of decaf coffee in peace... I know all you other moms out there understand!!
Today I am linking up with Erika for Friday Favorites and I am talking about our Easter plans! 

So Dev and I left for Charleston Wednesday night and will start making our way home tomorrow so we are prepped and ready for Easter. Our plan for the big day are as follows:

6:30ish- Wake up-- not this early on a Sunday by choice.. Lil is an early bird! Once we wake up, Lil will get to see what the Easter bunny brought her and play with some of her toys from her Easter basket. We try to do toys/books in her basket and limit the sweet treats for our egg hunt later in the day.

10:45- Easter Mass with my family. Easter is a big deal for my family and we do our best to make sure we spend it together every year.

12:00- Come back to my house where we will have lunch together and Lily Grace will do her Easter egg hunt. We hide them around our yard.

1:30- Lil naps (and maybe everyone else too!)

5:00ish- Make our way over to my parents house for Lily Grace to open her Easter basket from them and to play. We will all eat together as a family and enjoy some family time. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate!) with your families :) See you back here on Monday for a recap of our Charleston weekend!

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