Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favorites-- Easter Outfits Edition

Good Morning! Today I am linking up with Erika for Friday Favorites and we are talking coordinating Easter outfits for the family!

Earlier this week I was on the hunt for Easter outfits for our family, and while I know they look super cheesy, I wanted the three of us to have coordinating Easter outfits. Living in the South, Lilly Pulitzer is EVERYWHERE on Easter, so typically I wear a Lilly dress and Devin will find a button down shirt to match me. This year however I wanted us to try to include Lily Grace in the mix. If any of you like coordinating outfits for holidays then keep reading below! I found a few cute options from various stores and have linked them for you. 

First up, Lilly Pulitzer:
 Most of Lilly Pulitzer's coordinating outfits are mommy and me dresses for girls, but they have started adding in ties for men/boys to wear if you want everyone to match. Like I said, typically I just have Devin pick one of the many colors in the print to match with and that seems to work well, but if you want to grab a tie too, why not? 




While I loved all of these above, I decided to keep looking which brought me to my next stop: Belk's Crown and Ivy line. 

If you live near a Belk you have no doubt figured out that they have a line called Crown and Ivy that is pretty darn similar to Lilly Pulitzer/Vineyard Vines except significantly cheaper. They were a little more friendly towards the whole family and had more boys and men's options available than Lilly did. 

They had an Easter section, a Kentucky Derby section, and even a beach section which I thought would be great for the many families who take beach pictures over the summer with coordinating outfits! They were out of the women's dress to match the little girl's from the Easter section so I bought outfits from the Kentucky Derby section instead. They still looked Easter appropriate and I was able to get something for everybody for less than $100, score!
This is what's left from their Easter section:

And this is what I ordered from their Kentucky Derby section:


Baby Girl's Lace Trim Tank Dress (only $21!)/Sleeveless Curta Dress ($42!)
I ordered up a size for this growing baby bump. I figured I could wear this throughout the summer as this baby continues to grow!

I didn't need to buy an outfit for a little boy, but they had some CUTE ones!
This one was my favorite... I mean come on! Those suspenders! This was only $21 too. 

Now I was a little nervous that Lil wasn't going to fit into her dress because while it said it was size 24 months, it was also marketed as a "baby" dress. They had matching outfits for older kids but I didn't like those as much (they were only $12, I should've just gotten over it!). Since I wanted to make sure we had a backup plan, I headed to Vineyard Vines.
Dev already had a shirt similar to this so I didn't order it, but here was their matching version/Girls Striped Embroidered Dress

I ordered up a size in this as well.

Are there any other places out there that do matching or coordinating family outfits that have either a preppy or a classic style? I didn't realize that a variety of companies did this, I thought it was unique to Lilly Pulitzer. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out our family pictures later this summer!

 Have any of you done blog posts about Easter outfits? If so, please put a link to it below, I'd love to see! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Have never heard of Crown and Ivy before and am now looking into it!