Monday, April 8, 2019

Pregnancy Fitness Program

A lot of my friends have been asking lately about the exercises I've been doing while pregnant. It is really important to me to stay healthy and stay in decent shape while pregnant because I still want to be able to move around and play with Lily Grace as long as I can. 
After my half marathon this past fall, not current!

I also know how important exercise is for not only physical health, but mental health and combatting some of these pregnancy hormones. I am noticeably in a better mood after exercise and love the way I feel. To quote the great Elle Woods:
I will be completely honest with you, I miss running like CRAZY. Which is kind of funny to me considering years ago I was that girl who hated running, like really hated running. I wrote a little bit about my journey from passionately hating running to becoming a marathon/half marathon runner here. I have had several people tell me that I technically didn't have to stop running, and while I know that is true, I feel more comfortable walking and doing modified/lighter versions of lifting weights right now. I will have plenty of time to get back into running once this baby comes, why risk it now? 

Anyway, this is what my typical pregnancy workout schedule looks like each week:
Finding the time to keep up with it is the trickiest part and I realized that I have to make it a priority, otherwise it isn't going to happen. The days I don't work are easy because I can bring Lily Grace to the YMCA whenever we get around to it (usually around 9-9:30). The days I do work are much harder because finding that motivation to get out of bed before work in the morning to squeeze in a workout is especially hard while pregnant. More often than not I pack my gym bag the night before and head straight to the gym after work. 

I know there are a few other pregnant mamas out there who read my blog and I plan to do some maternity exercise clothing pic updates soon. If you are like me the regular clothes are getting to the point of being uncomfortable... I am ready for the stretchy maternity pants!


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