Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Cards From Years Past... and Christmas Card Deals for 2019

Hi there! I was looking through old Christmas cards and loved seeing how much our family has grown/changed in the past 6 years. I thought it might be fun to share them with you today along with a few little tidbits of the "behind the scenes" to each card. Because we all know the picture on the card is a family's best.. but getting that picture isn't always so pretty 😉

This picture was an easy one, but did you notice the theme? New Year's, not Christmas. Why, you may ask? Because we completely dropped the ball on Christmas cards this year and by the time we got around to ordering them and them being shipped, Christmas would have come and gone (oops!). We still wanted to send a card, so we decided New Year's cards would suffice!

This picture pretty much sums up how quirky/dorky Devin and I are 99% of the time. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of us drinking hot cocoa and wearing onesies in front of the fireplace. The problem? Our fireplace is a wood burning fireplace and it was HOT. Can you see how red our faces are?? We were miserable in those onesies! I had my sister come over to take the pictures for us and we really struggled to get Tucker to "pay attention" during the pictures. So Jenni ended up taking about 75, meanwhile we felt like we were melting. Also, true story, some embers flew out of the fireplace and burned a few holes into the back of Devin's onesie. Oops. 

 2016. For some reason the font is off-centered on Shutterfly's website but I assure you the hard copies we sent out had it centered. This year was an easy one because we wanted to showcase all we had done/seen that year. We went to Italy, the British Virgin Islands, Chicago, and to several friends' weddings. 

The back of our 2016 card 😍 It's crazy to think there was ever a time when we didn't know Lily Grace was a girl!

2017. The last year Lily Grace easily cooperated in family photos 😉
And 2018. Our sweet friend Kendall took the most beautiful pictures for us to use on our card. Also, Kendall is a mom of young kids and has the patience of a saint, truly! Out of the 100+ pictures Kendall probably took that day, I think this is the only one where all 3 of us are looking at the camera and smiling. Which made it an easy decision for the card!

Now for 2019...
Due to November/December being the season of germs in the Darrell household, we are running SUPER behind on our Christmas card orders this year. With the exception of 2013, I usually have them mailed out already by this point. But this year, we haven't been able to find a time for family pictures 😬. We may end up using pictures we've already taken from throughout the year and making a collage card this year. 

I have been searching through several of the Christmas card company websites looking for some cards that I like and trying to find the best deals. On the off chance that maybe you haven't ordered your cards yet either, I figured I'd put a list together to help all of us late people out! 

**All of these coupon codes are currently working as I'm writing this post (12/3), so you'll want to double check to make sure they're still working before you checkout! I always Google the company name and "coupon code" before checkout (i.e. I'll type in "Minted coupon code") and 9 times out of 10 the company will have a current coupon code.**

Minted-- 25% off and free shipping 

TinyPrints-- 50% on orders over $100 and FREE custom envelopes (these have been life savers for us in the past! We love a pre-addressed envelope!)

Shutterfly-- Up to 50% off and free shipping if you spend over $49 (code is SHIP49). 

VistaPrint-- 60% off, no code needed. No free shipping (not that I saw at least).

SnapFish-- 70% off all cards. NO free shipping.

Simply to Impress-- Has free shipping on all orders and up to 50% off, depending on how much you spend! Code is PRFM88.

Have you done a post of your Christmas cards past?? I'd love to see your family as they've grown too! Please let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love the one with LG in the box! All of your cards have been fabulous. I'm running behind on ours this year, but finally got them ordered last week. I usually use Costco, since they have nice cardstock quality and great prices!

    1. I always forget Costco does cards!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Cute post. I loved the background stories.

    1. Haha thanks! I thought some of them were fun/funny and wanted to share 😊

  3. SO many cute cards! I tried a few photo cards when we first had kids but was so awful at remembering to actually have a photo ready or get one taken that I switched back to just making some of my own without photos.

    1. Who would've thought getting the right picture could be so complicated! But it really can be!

  4. I ordered my Christmas cards this year from Walgreens. Used a picture of my kitten. Unfortunately, it was mauled and killed by my dog just a few weeks ago. Anyhow, love your Christmas photos. My favorite is your little one in the present.