Monday, December 30, 2019

December Books

Good morning friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and are getting as excited about the upcoming new year as I am 😀. I always love the beginning of a New Year and the thoughts of everything the next year could bring. Later this week I will post my goals/resolutions for 2020, I hope you'll be doing the same! I love to read other people's resolutions and goals because I might find another great thing to add to my list. Today however, is my monthly book post for the month of December. I only read 2 books this month, and they were both unexpected, but I LOVED them both!

So last month we left off with me reading a few short, cheesy and cute Christmas-y stories. I planned to read more in that same genre to get me in the holiday spirit, but then was doing a little shopping at Barnes and Noble and saw an entire table dedicated to historical fiction, which is my favorite genre. Most of the books on the table I had already read, except for Lost Roses and The Paris Architect. I picked both up and am SO happy I did! 
Lost Roses-- Lost Roses is written by Martha Hall Kelly, the same author as Lilac Girls which I had previously read and loved. In Lilac Girls one of the main "characters" was Caroline Ferriday, a woman who really lived during WW2 in New York and was an actress, socialite, and volunteer at the French Consulate. In Lost Roses, we get more insight into Caroline Ferriday's family, specifically her mother. This book takes place prior to WW1, throughout the war, and then immediately after the war in Paris. It was a heart wrenching and fascinating tale based off true events taking place in Russia and Paris during the first World War and the Russian Revolution. I loved learning more about a time in history I wasn't quite as familiar with and loved how invested you become in the life of each character. If you read and loved Lilac Girls, you have to read this one too!!! I definitely give this book an A+, and this one makes my list of Top Ten Books of the 2019 (I'll post the full list on Friday!)!
The Paris Architect- This book takes place during the Occupation of Paris during WW2. Lucien, an architect, has been asked to design secret hiding places in Parisian apartments in which to hide Jews from the Gestapo. This book is very intriguing, and I kept finding myself saying "just one more chapter" until it was way past my bedtime! The author does a wonderful job of having each chapter contain just the right amount of character development and feeling of impending danger that makes you want to keep reading to see how the characters survive. If you love historical fiction, especially from the WW2 era, you would love this!

Have you read anything great lately?? Please leave me a comment below so I can add it to my list! See you back here later this week!


  1. I liked Lost Roses too but I hadn't heard of the Paris Architect before. I love historical fiction novels too. Have you read The Things we Cannot Say? That was the last historical novel I read and I just LOVED it.

    1. That's on my list!! I'm waiting for it at the library, I think there are about 30 people ahead of me 😏

  2. Adding The Paris Architect to my list!

  3. I loved The Things We Cannot Say!!! You need to read it! These both sound so good too!