Monday, December 16, 2019

Our Trip to Disney

Good morning! We are back from Disney World and all feeling a little sad that we aren't still waking up in the happiest place on Earth. 
Our little girl was great on the drive there!

We were there for a total of 7 days, not including travel days, and were able to spend a good chunk of time at each of the parks. We were there with a decent sized group (9 total people) and were somehow able to make it all work out to be the perfect amount of individual family time vs big group time. I didn't want this post to be too long, so I figured I'd just do a few highlights and then a bunch of pictures. If you want more info though, I'm happy to add another post!

My mom with the photobomb in the back 😂

Before we left I had several people try to tell me that LG and Liam were too young, that they wouldn't remember being there. While that may be true, I honestly have to say I am SO happy we went now because I think this age was truly magical. She truly believed that all of the princesses and characters were real and she was in awe. It was the sweetest thing to see. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:
Liam's first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, and like he did for a majority of our trip, he slept through the whole thing! 😂
Our little family of 4 on Aladdin and Jasmine's Magic Carpet Ride

Prior to our trip, my sweet friend Kathleen from Chicago gifted a box of princess dresses to LG. This girl was PUMPED to put on her princess dresses every day! Kathleen really nailed it with the dresses, this kit came with 4 outfits so LG could wear a different dress every day without me having to do laundry nightly. Technically they are mix and match skirts/shirts, but they worked out perfectly!
 Here is Lily Grace wearing the top portion of her Cinderella dress (thanks to Kathleen!) while meeting Belle.
 An afternoon stroller nap
 Meeting Goofy in Epcot
 A character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe
 When Pocahontas met Pocahontas
Getting ready for "It's a Small World", which was one of her favorites!! 
 Meeting Rapunzel
 Meeting Mulan
 Meeting Snow White
And then our happy little pirate Liam! 

We had the most wonderful time and are already planning our next trip back. It really is the happiest and most magical place on Earth!


  1. LG really is at the perfect age for meeting all those princesses. It looks like a fabulous trip!

    1. I will definitely always cherish the memory of her meeting them!

  2. We went when our kids were really young too (maybe not as quite as young as yours but under 3!) and while they don't really remember much of anything I do and it was worth all the work of dragging them around. I loved watching their faces we met each of the characters. It looks like a fabulous trip.

    1. That's exactly how I feel! I will remember and cherish those memories forever!

  3. What an incredible trip! I totally think you should recap your entire trip! I know this sounds silly but if you document it on your blog you will be able to go back in a few years and read through it and remember the things that you want to do again with your kiddos (on your next trip) and the things that they might need to revisit because they were too young at the time to enjoy! ;)

  4. Uhh, give me all of the Disney posts! Tell us more!
    I love that LG enjoyed all of the princesses, we didn't do any of that when we went, and that she got to wear the outfits. She may not remember every single thing for the rest of her life from this trip, but still memories were made, plus you remember what it was like so it's worth it for that!

    1. I agree! And it looks like I need to do a more detailed post!

  5. My dad wanted to go a few years ago but my youngest would have been 8 months and I didn't want to have to deal with a tiny baby at Disney in the summer. Kudos to you! You all look like you're having the best time. We took our son do Disneyland when he was 3. He doesn't remember anything now that he's 10 but we remember how much he loved it then.

    1. P.S.- I also think you should do a deeper dive in to your trip so you can have those memories to look back on. There's a lot that I don't remember and the pictures only help so much.

    2. Looks like you're not alone! I'll be sure to do another post!