Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Six Months with Our Little Man!

How is our sweet baby boy already 6 months old? It's amazing to think that in just a matter of months we went from this:
to this:

We have been having the best time getting to see this little man's personality come through. He is truly just the happiest, smiliest, most easygoing little guy. His giggles and full-on belly laughs are my favorite thing in the world, especially since they are contagious and can get our sweet Lily Grace to laugh too!

Our little redhead started losing all of his hair, which is apparently a common thing with babies. We were sad because we LOVED his beautiful red hair and were SO excited to see that when it grew back, it grew back RED! It's more of a strawberry blonde now than a true red, but we will take it! 
Liam started eating baby foods at 4 months per his pediatrician's recommendation, and I have to say, it was NOT going over well in the beginning! This sweet boy is so even tempered most of the time... until you try to feed him something that isn't his milk. Then all hell breaks loose! We kept with it and finally he seems to be getting used to it. It's just funny to watch our old videos of Lily Grace eating her first foods vs Liam eating his first foods... they could not be more different!

Liam still has zero teeth but he had been drooling buckets so we keep thinking they've gotta be growing in any day now. 
He loves to do tummy time and drive around in his little "car".
 But my favorite thing by far is how much he and his big sister love each other. They are already thick as thieves and I can't wait to see their relationship continue to grow over time. 

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