Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Hi friends! I am looking forward to catching up with all of you today... this mama needs a little more social interaction-- even if it's through the internet!! I've had a couple Zoom Happy Hours with friends and they're a fun way to catch up with everyone while still staying at home. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!!
Now, on to What's Up Wednesday...
What We're Eating: Umm... does "everything in sight" count as an answer for this?! The bad thing about being home all day every day, is that we keep finding ourselves eating all day every day. Devin and I keep joking that by the end of this we will have gained the "Quarantine 15". In all seriousness though, we have been trying to eat as much take out as possible from some of our favorite local restaurants. We all know what a difficult time this is for the restaurant industry so we are trying to do our part to help support our favorite places.
What I'm Reminiscing About: Not to be Debbie Downer, but I've been reminiscing a lot about being able to go places without thinking twice about it. I didn't realize how much you take things like running errands for granted, until you can't do them anymore.
What I'm Loving: I honestly am loving all this good quality family time we are getting right now! 

 Here Dev is teaching Lily Grace how to do the monkey bars at her school's playground. This playground is kinda tucked back in the woods and nobody really knows about it except for the school families, so we have literally had this playground completely to ourselves. We've gone almost every day, for hours!
 Here are these two cuties holding hands in the stroller while we were out for a neighborhood walk 😍

Don't get me wrong, we are getting on each other's nerves once in awhile and I'm not sure it'll be all "sunshine and rainbows" over here a month from now... but for now, I am enjoying it. Devin travels internationally for work, so he is usually away from us for weeks at a time. I love having him home right now and that we can take turns playing with the kiddos while the other one is working. 

What We've Been Up To: A lot of playing outside! We put a new brick paver patio in over the weekend (check out the post about it here), and played outside while Dev and his friend were working. Devin goes camping a lot with friends and set up his tent in the backyard for the kids to play in.
We've also been doing a lot of art:
And baking:
And thank God Liam is still so easy and not on the move. He pretty much just snuggles us all day, or hangs out on his tummy time mat or his activity center.
What I'm Dreading: Like every mother in America (and the whole world, really) right now, I'm dreading the day my kids are "over this" and there's an all out toddler mutiny. For now, we've been keeping it "fun", but that can only go on for so long before Lily Grace needs her other activities. 
What I'm Excited About: Thank God the warmer temperatures are here! We can continue to get outside as often as possible and get gardening! I have yet to post any pictures of our garden because we didn't end up finishing it. Devin decided about half way through putting our garden beds in that he actually wants them in another spot of our yard.. so, they're unfinished for the time being until we decide once and for all where they'll go. But soon, we will be doing a lot of gardening!!
What I'm Watching/Reading: 
We just finished Self Made: The Life of Madam C.J. Walker and LOVED it! What a phenomenal story and an incredible positive influence for all women.
I also love Octavia Spencer and think she can do no wrong 😊

As for reading, I am reading this right now:
The American Agent. One of you recommended this to me months ago and it finally came available at the library (the e-book version, our actual library is closed). I'm about halfway through but love it so far!! I will say, it is part of a series, and while you do not have to have any background knowledge of the characters in order to enjoy the book, I personally wanted to read up a little bit about the main character. I felt that once I "knew her better", I've been enjoying the book more.

What I'm Listening To: I have been looking for some "light" and "fun" things to listen to lately since the news is so dark. I recently stumbled across the podcast Even the Rich:
So far the first 3 episodes have been behind the scenes gossip on the Royal family, and I am here for it! I love the Royal family and am eating this up! If you also love the Royal family, you should check it out.
What I'm Wearing: I'm mostly living in yoga pants and t shirts, but when I'm not I've been wearing these two dresses on repeat:

What I'm Doing This Weekend: Probably some more projects around the house. When we painted Liam's nursery several months ago I accidentally bought way too much paint. Now I'm thinking our master bedroom would look great in that color 😉. Whatever we can do to stay busy!
What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month: Hopefully a return to life that's a little bit more normal!


  1. I just started watching Self-Made the other night and I am really enjoying it. We are definitely eating more junky food than usual; the only way I feel I can really keep things "fun" around here is by adding treats to our day.. like cinnamon buns for breakfast!

    1. I hear ya! Whatever it takes to get through this without going crazy :)

  2. I said the same thing for things I'm reminiscing about, I bet we're not the only ones!

  3. I'm jealous that your weather is so nice- we're cold/cloudy/rainy and are all in need of some sunshine. Glad you're all hanging in there during this time!

    1. Ugh-- I'm sorry!! Here's hoping warm weather finds you ASAP!

  4. Yes, I can't wait until all this is over. Enjoy your warmer weather. It's still hovering around freezing here most days and I am holding on by my fingernails until Spring finally arrives around our parts!

    Thanks for the reminder to check out Maisie Dobbs again. Our library is also closed but thank the goodness I got an e-reader for Christmas. Perfect timing :)

    And thank you for the impetus to set up virtual hangouts. I just e-mailed my church small group about the possibility of a Zoom meeting.

    1. Oh you'll love it!! Being able to talk with family and friends helps me to think about things OTHER than this virus for a few minutes... and I'll take it! I'm also noticing it's a lot easier to get my girlfriends "together" right now since we all have nowhere to go!!

  5. I feel the same way about reminiscing about pre-corona days, as well as eating more during these times! Thanks for the tip on Self Made and also the podcast. They look like things I'd really enjoy. :)