Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Life Lately

Good morning everyone! I wanted to just hop on today to share a few pictures of this sweet stage of life we are in at the moment. A couple weeks ago I was playing with the kids around the house and had one of those "this is my favorite stage so far" moments with both kiddos. I know I'm going to want to look back on these moments and remember them forever, so I figured I'd share a little bit of what has made these past few weeks so sweet 😀
 All of a sudden Lily Grace's imagination has just taken off. I love that her vocabulary has just exploded at the same time and when she is playing with her toys, she is explaining what's happening. In this picture LG was playing "mommy" and Elsa was her "baby". She was changing Elsa's diaper here, and was walking me through the different steps as she did it. Listening to her little voice tell me how to change a diaper was so incredibly sweet. 
 Then Elsa got hungry after her diaper change, so she had a bib put on her, was put in the highchair, and was being fed baby food. Apparently it was sweet potatoes.
 We had a surprise little bit of snow a few weeks back! When I say "little bit", I'm not kidding. You can see how little it on my car, right?
 Here is another picture. You can see roughly an inch on the grass and absolutely none on the roads. Would you believe it if I told you that school was cancelled the next day over this?! I teach at a Catholic school and we only had a 2 hr delay, but CMS (Charlotte's public schools) and several other districts were out for the full day. Being from Ohio, it always make me laugh at how much people in the South freak out about snow. 😂
 Meanwhile, we spent our snow days inside doing puzzles. Lily Grace did this puzzle all by herself and was so proud!! As she should be!
 And this little guy just kept smiling and snuggling and stealing everyone's hearts. 
 Another day, same puzzle. Now that she knows she can do this one on her own, we have to do it at least twice a day. It makes me so happy to see how much she loves puzzles, because you all know I do too!
This squirmy little guy is getting harder and harder to get a picture of that isn't blurry! He is always on the move. 
 Our little celebrity here woke up from her nap and came out of her room looking like this one day. 
 And then we picked up some new goggles for her swim lessons and this girly thought she was "big stuff". 

That's just a quick look at what's been going on around here lately. See you all back here tomorrow for another healthy recipe!


  1. Lily Grace is such a big girl playing like a little mommy. She is so adorable. These little memories are the best when you look back at photos (and blog posts)

  2. What fun ages! We actually didn't have a single snow day this year; which is just unheard of here in Connecticut!