Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Master Bedroom Updates

 Hi there! It's time for another update of how things are going at the new and improved house 😊 I'm trying to take this little by little as we get moved back in and things feel "put together" again. I feel like you have seen this room a hundred times in the background of pictures, but never in a post of it's own. This is long overdue!

Don't mind my ridiculous scarf collection on the back of the closet door. 😀 I have wayyyy too many!

I am very happy with our choice to get hardwood floors in here. We have already had one of the kiddos track mud in here from outside and it is a million times easier to just wipe it up with a wet rag or a mop than to get out the steam cleaner. If I never have to clean carpets again I will be a very happy camper! 

For the most part we kept the same furniture in here as we had before. Same bed, nightstands and dresser.  But we did buy a new rug for under the bed. It's kinda hard to see since it's under the bed, but here's what it looks like online:

We also bought these new bamboo shades for window treatments. 


We LOVE them! We had been looking for some online for months and were originally planning to get some from Home Depot, but at the time they were backordered. We ended up just getting them from Amazon because, of course, they would arrive in two days. Several weeks from Home Depot or 2 days from Amazon... not exactly a tough choice since they were priced similarly.

The pictures we have above our bed are ones we bought in Paris in 2017 at one of those little green box stands along the banks of the Seine. You know, the ones that look like this:

We grabbed three that were of places we visited or saw while we were there, and then framed them with your basic white Ikea Ribba frames.

And our little corner gallery wall is actually all made up of gifts our friends and family have given us over the years. The top right is a picture one of our friends took at our wedding and then turned into a canvas to give us. So sweet and thoughtful 💕. The two paintings are from a local artist, the top left is where our reception was and the middle right is outside the church where we got married. Here is a picture of Devin, Lily Grace and I standing in front of it on our 5 year anniversary:

 Here are the pictures from the artist's website:

These pictures make me so happy and bring back the best memories. 

The letter D and the wooden cutout of NC were also gifts, and then wooden cutout has a heart over Charlotte with our anniversary carved into it.

So most of the stuff in our room actually stayed the same, just new floors and window treatments. Even just 2 changes can make a big difference, and we are very happy with how it looks/feels now.

Thanks for reading along today! Next week my plan is to show you our little dining nook off the kitchen. See you back here on Friday 😊


  1. I love the paintings. We like to get art when we travel too! Looks very cozy and fresh.

  2. Your bedroom is so comfy looking. We had hardwood and at times I think I want carpet but I would have the same problem with mud and sand from the kids.

  3. It looks so good!! I love that rug!!

  4. I love it! Loving seeing the renovation!