Monday, March 15, 2021

St. Patrick's Day Fun Ideas

 Good morning friends! As you all know we have another fun holiday coming up this week: St. Patrick's Day. Let's just go ahead and start this post with an adorable picture of my little redhead dressed up as a leprechaun, okay??

Liam was only 6 months here! It's funny how he is a full year older now but still looks pretty much the same to me.

It's no secret that we like to celebrate with pretty much any holiday around here. Most mornings when I'm trying to plan my day I think "what should I do with the kids today?" and it's sooo much easier to pull out something seasonal because it's "different". I can only do the same puzzles/books/games so many times before I start to lose my mind. 😆 Unique activities may take a little extra work, but it mixes up the routine, which can be fun!

 When I taught kindergarten, St. Patrick's Day was one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. It's a holiday all about fun and absolutely zero pressure or expectations. I loved celebrating with my kindergartners and I'm planning to do some of the same fun things I used to do at home this year with my kiddos. Here's what we'll do: 

1. Make Green Pancakes-- We love to start the day with green pancakes and honestly, why not? We used to do a lot of cooking in kindergarten and considered it a little extra math for the day (lots of practice measuring!). Our family's favorite pancake mix is Kodiak cakes, but use whatever you prefer and add a little green food coloring to it!

This pic is from last year-- notice the old kitchen? Check out that shamrock hair bow and green Mardi Gras beads-- I told you we go all out for holidays around here!

2. Leprechaun Craft-- There are so many good ones out there on Pinterest.

I love anything with the kids faces on them! Here is the link to the craft above, but here are some other cute ideas:

I'm always a sucker for a handprint craft

And this one looked cute and easy too  

3. Make Leprechaun Traps-- I'm not sure if my kiddos are ready for this yet this year, but if your kids are a little older this could be fun! We used to have our 4th grade partners come down to our classroom and they would partner up and make leprechaun traps together (they would bring in old shoe boxes/tissue boxes/etc. from home). It was so fun to see how creative the kids were and what fun ideas they could come up with! Here are some fun ones from a quick Pinterest search:

4. Read Some St. Patrick's Day Themed Books-- this is one we've been doing for the past couple weeks and my kids love! I keep all my seasonal books in the attic and pull them out at the beginning of each month. These are some of our favorite March books:


There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

Pete the Cat the Great Leprechaun Chase


Ten Lucky Leprechauns

5. Make "Shamrock Shakes"-- You know the famous McDonald's green milkshakes? We make homemade ones with just a little vanilla ice cream, some milk, and some green food coloring. Top with a hint of whipped cream, and bonus if you have green sprinkles leftover from baking holiday cookies. This picture below is just taken from Pinterest so I can't take credit, but this is pretty similar to what ours look like (but we add sprinkles if we have them):

So those are just a couple of ideas we plan to do around here this Wednesday to have a little extra fun for this holiday.  

I know doing stuff like this can feel like "extra work" and there have been several times where I've thought "is this really worth it? Will my kids even get anything out of it?" But I can honestly say I have never regretted doing something a little extra fun to celebrate a holiday. Like I said earlier, even if the kids don't get anything major out of it this year, it helps my sanity to mix up the routine and try something different. They may not remember it this year, but if we keep these traditions up year after year, they will eventually start to remember 💚.

I hope you all have a great Monday and a wonderful week!!

Oh, and Happy March Madness!!!! I have always loved the NCAA tournament and am so happy it's back this year. My family always fills out brackets and sometimes we get a group of friends to fill out brackets too. Do you fill them out?? If so, BEST OF LUCK!


  1. Love these ideas!! I will try to remember to do green waffles on Wednesday. My kids don't know about the Shamrock Shake, but I always loved it. Maybe we will treat ourselves to one this week.

  2. I love these ideas. You are right...sometimes I wonder if "it's worth it?" but the kids always love little things like this. Since I did the pancakes on Sunday, maybe I will do a milkshake after school. That's a special treat!