Monday, April 26, 2021

Our Murder Mystery Weekend in DC

 Good morning friends and happy Monday! Yesterday Devin turned 33 and we were in DC with some friends to celebrate. When I had originally asked Devin what he wanted to do for his birthday I expected him to say something along the lines of "let's go for a hike" or "let's go to the Whitewater Center". That is most definitely NOT the response I got! In all seriousness he said "Let's fly to DC and participate in this murder mystery game I heard about". I literally laughed out loud. "You want to do what now?!" Luckily some of our best friends (and Liam's godfather) live in DC and wanted to do this along with us. We had a great time, even though the murder mystery game wasn't quite what we expected.

Dev and I flew into DC on Friday afternoon, got checked into our hotel in the Georgetown area, and then walked around looking for some dinner. Devin saw a place on Yelp called Tiki on 18th and wanted to give it a try, but it was a little far from where we were. We hopped onto some of those scooters you see all over town and rode those to the restaurant. 

After dinner we went to the Watergate hotel to grab a drink on their rooftop bar... or so we thought. When we got up there the hostess said "you have to pay $150 rental fee for the table". We were like "ummm... rent the table? What does that even mean?" Apparently you pay just to sit at the table. That money doesn't go towards your food and beverage. You literally just pay to sit there. The hostess then said "you can sit at one of our no-charge table, but there is a $75 food and beverage minimum per person, but don't worry that's the equivalent of only like 2 drinks so you don't have to worry about being over served." Needless to say, we couldn't get out of there fast enough. NOT our style! We hopped back on that elevator and went down to go find a more reasonable place to grab a drink. But not before I grabbed a few pictures first:


So then we headed to Washington Harbor to grab a post dinner drink and watch the sunset. No table rental fee, and much more our style. 


Saturday morning we woke up and met up with our friends Hunter and Mary. Devin and Hunter have been very close friends since college and Hunter is Liam's godfather. Mary is his sweet wife who we adore. We headed out to grab brunch before our Murder Mystery game began. We had brunch at Ambar and it was delicious! 

Now the murder mystery game was kinda like a cross between a murder mystery dinner and an escape room, except it was all outside taking place around the city of DC. We downloaded the app, started at the starting point in a park downtown, and then walked around the city solving clues and "interviewing" suspects. It wasn't quite what we had expected, and I'm not sure if that is due to COVID regulations in DC, but either way it ended up being a lot of fun! A few of our friends had done it in Charlotte while we were in Florida and said you walked around the city interviewing actors who were a part of the murder mystery, but this one was 100% virtual. I think seeing people in person would've made it more fun and would've been helpful with some questions we had along the way. Honestly though we still had a great time.

The groups participating were encouraged to dress up in costumes that fit the "crime solving" theme, so we decided to go with a Magnum PI theme. We had a blast in our costumes!

We even ran into someone from another group dressed as Magnum PI!

As the day went on, our mustaches started falling off 😂

Afterwards we grabbed dinner at Mission, and headed back to the hotel to all hang out together. 

It was a quick weekend but we had a great time, and loved seeing some of our favorite friends. Especially since we hadn't seen them in roughly a year! I hope you all have a great week. See you back here Wednesday!


  1. A weekend getaway! How fun! I can't believe that table rental fee, that makes no sense to me!

  2. Wow thats crazy $150 just to sit at the table. A murder mystery sounds like fun. Did you solve the crime?

  3. How fun! That sounds like an awesome weekend away!

  4. $150 for a table?! That's insane!! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend getaway though.

  5. Wow! that sounds so fun! And...the Watergate table sitch sounds ridiculous. haha I would have thought I was being punked. ;)

  6. This sounds like an awesome weekend! What was the company you went through for the Murder Mystery game?