Monday, April 19, 2021

Siesta Key Part 2!

Good morning and happy Monday! What did you do this weekend? We were super busy on Saturday but it was a great day. We went to our local farmer's market which just opened back up again for the season and picked up a bunch of fresh local produce. Strawberries, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, all kinds of goodies! Then we had a baby shower and a birthday party. All in the same day 😅 Needless to say we all slept like babies on Saturday night. 

Last week I posted the first half of our trip to Siesta Key, FL and today I am here to share the rest! 

We woke up on Easter morning and headed to St. Michael the Archangel church on the island. This is the church my family usually attends when we go to SK and we were so happy to see on their website that they were having an outdoor service. 

Pictures with kids are hard. 😂 One day we will get everyone looking and smiling simultaneously, but Easter Sunday was not that day. 
I got one kiddo to smile at least.

The church had a big tent and stairs set up outside. We kept back a little further because of the two whirlwinds that are my children. 
Lily Grace sat on the curb and played with her scratch art book.
While Liam walked around eating snacks nonstop. Please note that I forgot to pack Liam any "real" shoes for this trip so he had to wear his crocs. Luckily they at least matched!

The rest of that day and the next few days looked a lot like this:

LG is "reading" a read-along book on my Kindle. I had a bunch of read-along books on tape when I was her age and loved them! I love that read-alongs are still a thing and how convenient it is to just pull out my Kindle vs a cassette player and paperback book.

One night after dinner and bath LG got to walk to the ice cream parlor to get ice cream with Pop Pop. She thought it was so silly to wear her pajamas to the ice cream parlor.  
I very seriously considered making this the background on my phone. Can you believe how white that sand is? And the water is so clear! The gulf coast beaches are breathtaking.

Our sunset views weren't too bad either!

One day we decided to go kayaking so we rented a few kayaks and explored the Neville Wildlife Preserve. My dad came with us and my mom (who isn't a big kayaking fan) stayed home with Liam. 

My dad, Pop Pop 😊

And then the three of us were in our own kayak
We had the kayaks all morning so we let Lil get out and splash around whenever it was a safe spot.
We came across an uninhabited island that is a bird sanctuary. It was so nice to see one of the islands left undeveloped. 

There were a bunch of people who had packed picnics and had pulled their kayaks or boats over to have a picnic on the island. We will definitely do the same thing next time!

Lily Grace even helped and had fun paddling. This girl's love for Pocahontas runs deep and she kept saying "I'm just like Pocahontas mommy!!" She sang "Just Around the Riverbend" over and over too. 😂

This picture cracks me up 😂 Must be nice to not have a care in the world and be sprawled out on the beach making sand angels.

And then this little buddy playing in the sand with his digger.

One of our last sunsets.

And our last morning on the beach 

Dev and I got to enjoy another night out for dinner on our last night. The last day of vacation is always so bittersweet. You're trying your hardest to enjoy it but all the while you're thinking "I don't want to go home!!" After 10 days of being at the beach with my favorite people, the thought of going back home and getting on a routine left me a little sad!

Finally it was time to go home, and again the airport/airplane experience was a highlight of the trip for the kids. The Tampa airport has an outside seating area where you can eat and watch the trams go back and forth.. the kids were on cloud 9. 😂 Who would've thought watching the airport train go back and forth would be so much fun?? Definitely not me!

Dev grabbed us some lunch and we ate while watching the trains.

Then we boarded our flight and had a very similar flight experience to the last time. Lil played quietly the whole time while Liam played for a little bit, then napped the rest.

We were so lucky to have such a wonderful and uneventful (in a good way!) trip. We all got home and immediately looked at our calendars to see when our next beach trip is. Hilton Head in June! Lily Grace asks us almost daily when we are going to Hilton Head and I'm always like "Girl, I get it! I'm ready too!"

I hope you all have a good week! See you back here Wednesday!



  1. How well I remember those Easter Sunday photo fails with 4 sons dressed to the nines, and Not a decent picture to show for it. Thank heavens Instagram hadn't been invented yet! 😁

  2. that is awesome your kids were so well behaved on the plane. The beach is gorgeous.

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful trip! It's always such a relief when the kids have a good plane ride.

  4. I am an hour away from Siesta Key!! Did you guys try Lido beach? I went there all the time. I hope you went to St. Armands Circle and did a little shopping!! I love it down there.

  5. Looks like such an amazing trip! I love the snow angel photo! We've never kayaked in SK, but will have to add that to the list. Trav's aunt's house is near that church! So many fun memories for your family!