Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

 Good morning friends and happy What's Up Wednesday! What's Up Wednesday is always one of my favorite times of the month because I love to catch up with everyone and see what you've all been up to. We have had a busy but wonderful month. Can't wait to fill you in!

What We're Eating This Week: Well this week we are back to the grind of healthy food. After a weekend out of town complete with a "drink and eat whatever we want" mindset, we were definitely craving anything and everything healthy and nutritious. This salad is on the menu for tonight and my mouth is already watering just looking at it:
A couple weeks ago thought we had a viral foods taste test challenge and had a blast with it! We finally got a chance to make all those recipes we see all over the internet and then rated them on a scale of 1-10. Here is the blog post I wrote about it if you think your family might want to do a viral foods taste test challenge too!

Our overall favorite was the tortilla hack, and we have made about 6-7 different variations of it now!

What I'm Reminiscing About: All the outdoor fun we had last summer. The weather is consistently warm around here which means we are spending as much time outside as possible. I am remembering some of our hikes:
Our beach trips:
And kayaking with Lily Grace:

What I'm Loving: Our church and Lily Grace's preschool is on the other side of our backyard fence, so a couple days after carpool is done we have gone over to the parking lot to play. Lily Grace has been practicing riding her bike and drawing with chalk, and Liam just runs around chasing balls. 
It's nice to have another fun place for them to play!
What We've Been Up To: Mostly just getting our backyard all tidied up and ready for summer! All the gardening and major yard work are done, so the last thing on our list is to power wash the patio. I LOVE power washing things. It's so satisfying to see how clean it gets!
What I'm Working On: Getting all the final preparations in order for Lily Grace's birthday party. I can't believe our sweet girl is about to be 4!
What I'm Excited About: Lily Grace is going to do gymnastics camp this summer and I don't know who is more excited about it: me or her. 😂 I know she is going to LOVE it and I can't wait to hear her talk about it.
What I'm Watching/Reading: We are almost done with The Man in the High Castle and it's killing me to not know how it ends yet! 
At first I wasn't sold on the show because I don't like violence, but honestly they have done such a good job with developing the characters that I am able to see past that. I love how the writers are able to help you see the human side of "the bad guys" and make you wonder if they are only evil because of the circumstances of their environment, not their true character. 
As for what I'm reading, I just finished Our Darkest Night and LOVED it. It's about a Jewish girl from Venice who hides from the Nazi's in a small town in Italy. I love historical fiction, am fascinated by WW2, and love Italy. So this was the perfect fit!

Now I am reading The Last Child in the Woods. I have started this book more times than I can count but it has always been due back at the library before I could finish it. I am happy to FINALLY finish it. This book is about the importance of children having unstructured time in nature and how beneficial it can be.

What I'm Listening To: I am on a big country/rock streak lately. I just tell our Google Home to "play today's top country" and she always gets it right. Also, Liam has learned to say "Google play shark" (meaning Baby Shark) and I know my days are numbered before Google starts understanding him. 😂
What I'm Wearing: Nothing new! I found most of this stuff last year and have been wearing it all spring. The brown shoes I have on I found from another blogger last summer who described them as "the comfiest sandal" she's ever worn. I figured I'd give them a try and have to say, she wasn't lying! I LOVE these shoes. The other blogger referred to them as "Jandals" as in "Jesus Sandals". 😂

Also, please note that I have clearly been putting sunless tanner on my face and arms but not my legs. 😆 It's like a whole other person on my legs-- haha!!

T Shirt/ Shorts (old)/ Jandals

I did order a new pair of shorts but they haven't come in yet. I'll have to keep you posted if I like them!

What I'm Doing This Weekend: We have plans to hit up the farmers market, go on a family hike, and spend some time with friends. Sounds like a perfect weekend if you ask me!
What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: The pool opening up! I can't wait for my kiddos to be living in the pool all summer. There is nothing better than a good post-pool nap.

Today I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay. I hope you all have a great day!


  1. I just put the nature book on hold -- I don't think my kids have been spending enough time outside lately. Ooops. And I love Jennifer Robson -- her other books are amazing too! I also love all your dresses. I need to find some good dresses for this spring.

  2. My nephew always asks Google to play the Batman song-- and it does! He just loves it. Your child in the woods book reminds me of one I read when my boys were younger called How to Raise a Wild Child. I am pretty proud that I think I did!

  3. that salad looks delicious. We just started with our yard work for the year. I am still deciding if I want to do all the work for a garden. We didn't do one the last two years so it would be a big overhall.

  4. I love your spring outfits! I can't wait for pool weather either...but I'm the one who usually ends up napping when we get home! haha Have a great day.