Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Family Updates

Hi friends! I hope you're having a good week so far. Lately we have had some new/different/interesting stuff go on, but none of it seemed worthy of it's own post. I decided to write a quick little update post with some tidbits about each family member. 

Lily Grace- 

1. Our sweet girl is back in school this week after over a month off. Her class had a COVID case back in March and the class was shut down for two weeks (the classmate is fine thank God!). Then, we had a two week spring break. If you follow along with me on Instagram then you would've seen this:

I got Lil all ready for school, we packed lunch, walked over there only to find out they were still on spring break. 😂 Who on earth has a two week spring break?? I wasn't the only mom who showed up that morning, which at least made me feel better!  

2. Gymnastics camp! Lil is going to go to gymnastics camp this summer and she is PUMPED! We walk past the gymnastics center at the Y every time we go to the pool and she loves to poke her head in the door and see what "the big girls" are doing. She is so excited that this year she gets to BE one of "the big girls". 


1. Liam is talking!! A lot! He says 2-3 word sentences and loves trying to tell our Google Home to play Baby Shark. The first words out of his mouth this morning were "Google play shark". Hah! Luckily Google doesn't understand him yet, so we have a little bit of time before I start hearing Baby Shark played nonstop.


2. Liam has been putting himself in time out. Unnecessarily. Earlier this week Liam was screaming about me taking a toy and I told him "Liam, no screaming". He looked at me for a second, said "time out" and walked himself to the time out corner. LG and I were cracking up! Liam has never gone to time out before, and I definitely did not tell him to go. He must've just seen LG go to time out and thought he'd give it a go. 😂 Now he keeps doing it, like intentionally doing little naughty things, waiting for me to say "no" and then putting himself in time out. It's like he's testing the waters. I don't want this to become a game, but to be honest it's cracking me up so I'm not discouraging it yet either.


This is from Devin's birthday 2 years ago, when we hiked nearby Crowder's Mountain

1. Devin turns 33 on Sunday! We both keep joking that we can't remember how old we are, so we are just going to keep turning 32 for a few years. We have some super fun plans for his birthday that I plan to post on Monday. Can't wait for you to see!

2. Devin is starting to get burnt out of international work during COVID. He is still unable to travel internationally, but has to keep working on international hours. Last Friday he had a conference call that started at 6 pm. This morning he joined a virtual conference at 4 am. 4 am! Normally he would've been there in person for it in Brussels, where it started at 10 am. At least then he would've gotten a chance to sleep in. On top of that, he still has to go in to the office for an 8 hour shift daily. Needless to say, he's over it. And very much looking forward to the days of normal life.


1. Friends, if you don't already get your skin checked annually PLEASE start doing so now. Over spring break when I was putting sunscreen on my body I noticed three moles that I hadn't seen before and looked questionable to me. I scheduled an appointment to go to the dermatologist and it turns out 2/3 of them needed to be removed. Not only that but she said they needed to "really go deep to get it all out of there". I about vomited right then and there. I do NOT do well with medically related things! God bless all the nurses and doctors who choose to do that for a living because I could never!! Anyway apparently I had two layers of stitches. One layer underneath the skin that will dissolve in the next 4 months, and one layer stitching the skin back together. Oh joy. I'm sure I'll end up with some lovely scars to show for them. I wish I hadn't been so stupid in my early 20's about tanning beds-- gah!

2. We've been making a big effort to eat less processed food the past month or so and it's actually really surprised me how much better I feel. I was constantly feeling sluggish and like I always needed another cup of coffee, and ended up drinking like 3-4 a day. Eating mostly fruits and vegetables has me feeling a lot more energetic and overall healthier. I love it! My only complaint is that I eat a lot of food but never really feel "full". I swear we bought a week's worth of groceries and were completely out of them by Wednesday, because i ate most of them. I know your body processes fruits and vegetables a lot more quickly than processed food, but dang! I'm sure there's a way to do this without always feeling hungry. Anyone else out there who's had experience with this?? 

Anyway, that's what we've been up to! Thanks for reading along today!


  1. A two week spring break! Sign me up for that. haha Liam putting himself in time out is too funny. I need to schedule my annual derm appt. I've had a couple things removed as I live in SPF and under an umbrella, but my 20 year old self sure didn't! I hope you are having a great week.

  2. I was literally thinking "who has a 2 week spring break?" right before you wrote that line! As for constantly feeling hungry eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies; I am so right there with you. We eat a ton of fruits and veggies and while it helps me stay fuller longer if I add in some lean protein I still can't go very long between "meals." But we are at the grocery store nearly every 4-5 days.