Monday, May 10, 2021

Not Just a Mom: Concerts

 Hello there friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend and that you were able to celebrate either your mom or another special mom in your life. If you are a mom, I hope you were able to feel how loved you are by the people in your life. I was lucky enough to enjoy a peaceful-ish breakfast in bed complete with flowers from our garden.

Then we all went to Mass together as a family...


and then we packed a picnic and went to the US National Whitewater Center... 


to take my new Mother's Day present out for a spin.. a paddleboard! 


Not your traditional Mother's Day present, but to be honest I wanted a gift that the whole family would be able to make many happy memories while using. Devin and I used to get season passes to the U.S. National Whitewater Center every year pre-kids and my favorite was always the paddle boarding. If you are ever in the Charlotte area and are an outdoorsy person, you really should check this place out. It is honestly just one of the coolest places. Paddle boarding, white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking trails, zip lines, rock climbing... can you see why I love this place so much?? It's so many of my favorite things all in one spot! In fact I almost worked there several summers in my young 20's, but it's roughly an hour from my house and I struggled to justify the commute. 


Anyway, you don't have to pay to bring your own paddle board there, so we figured it would be a great investment since it's something our family loves so much.


Today we are linking up for our monthly Not Just a Mom and the topic is... concerts! Okay, so I have a confession. While I haven't been to a ton of concerts, I have been to probably a dozen... and I could not find a SINGLE picture. So I figured I'd make a list of concerts I have been to, and then concerts I want to go to. 

 I HAVE been to:

- Britney Spears, Baby One More Time-- I was in 7th grade-- my first concert! It was a blast. I went with a group of girlfriends and we had so much fun belting out all the songs.

- Backstreet Boys, Millenium Tour-- Backstreet Boys + 8th grade, need I say more?

- Jimmy Buffet-- I was in high school and only knew 2 Jimmy Buffet songs, but my friends had an extra ticket so I tagged along. Turns out I a

m a secret Parrothead and still listen to Jimmy Buffet-- hah! I would love to go see him again sometime.

- John Mayer-- I have actually been to see John Mayer twice-- and he was phenomenal both times. I went to the Continuum tour and the John Mayer Summer Tour. This is another one I would go see again in a heartbeat.

- Matchbox 20-- Weirdly enough I have also seen Matchbox 20 twice too, I think both times there was a Groupon for super cheap tickets and some friends and I went. I like Matchbox 20, but don't know that I would've gone if the tickets hadn't been discounted on Groupon.

- Britney Spears, Femme Fatale-- Apparently I see a lot of the same singers/bands twice! This one was for a girlfriend's birthday. A group of my closest friends all went and DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore was the opening act... he was surprisingly good 😂

- Rascal Flatts, Me and My Gang-- Oh man did I LOVE Rascall Flatts in college. This was another fun one to go to with a big group of girls.  

- Keith Urban, Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy World-- One of my college roommates got two really good tickets to this for Christmas and took me. Prior to the concert I hardly knew any Keith Urban songs, but ended up loving him and buying the CD.

- Michelle Branch-- I don't remember the name of this tour but it was roughly 2013-2014ish time period. Again, we got the tickets on Groupon for like $10 and a group of girlfriends and I all went. We mostly just sat in the back of the lawn sharing a bottle of wine and catching up-- but it was a great time. 

I have been to several smaller bands/singers too but honestly can't say any of them really stood out to me. Not particularly good or particularly bad. Apparently the bigger concerts are my favorites.

Ahh, this has me reminiscing about some very fun memories with my favorite girlfriends... it makes me want to go to more concerts with them! Devin is not a big concert person, which is all the more reason why I should call up my girlfriends and make a list of concerts we want to go to. I don't imagine they'll be happening this year, but maybe in 2022?

Honestly, as you can see from my list above I am pretty open to going to see just about anyone in concert-- even if I'm not a fan. As long as the tickets aren't too expensive and I am with fun people, we can make it a good time. If I were to make a list of concerts I'd want to go see with my girlfriends though, it would probably be:

- Jimmy Buffet (his concerts are just so much fun!)

- Anything country in the summertime. There's just something about country music and summer that go together.  

I can't wait to read about the concerts you've been to/are hoping to go to. Maybe you'll give me some ideas of other fun bands to see!

Please link up with us below and if you don't have a blog, please tell me one of your favorite concerts you have ever been to!

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  1. Love the new paddleboard! I tend to get and ask for non- traditional mother's day items too!

  2. Oh, we were just talking about going to the Whitewater Center yesterday! My in-laws live near, but we have never been so that is on my list next time I am in the area. Loved reading your concert list!

  3. Paddleboarding is fun! Sounds like a great gift. Also very cool concert list. You've seen a lot of good bands.

  4. Jimmy Buffet does sound like so much fun! I would definitely be up for one of his concerts too.

  5. paddleboarding seems like so much fun. I would love to see Britney Spears in concert. I love Michelle Branch. years ago we use to be internet friends before she was signed to a record deal. I was in a inspiring music yahoo group with her and Jessica Harp.

  6. Looks like you had a good Mother's Day. I've never been paddleboarding but it looks fun. I received a kayak for Mother's Day last year. Took it out a few times and really enjoy it.

  7. I have been to New Kids on The Block, 311, The Grouch & Eli, The Warped Tour and Reba McEntire. Oh and Lorrie Morgan.

  8. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day! What a great gift. I love that you use a groupon for concerts! That's perfect. I loved Michelle Branch and Matchbox 20.

  9. My husband and I were going to go paddleboarding for one of our anniversaries and then it was cancelled because they found something not great in the lake we were going to go on. So I still want to do it sometime. You've been to a lot of big concerts! They all sound so fun!!!