Monday, May 17, 2021

Photo Storage/Picture Books

 Good morning friends and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We headed to Wilmington for a few days to see Devin's parents and it was wonderful.


One of our family photo albums 😊

Today's blog post was inspired by Alisha, so if you're reading today Alisha... THANK YOU!! A week or so ago Alisha posted on her Instagram story something along the lines of "how does everyone keep up with all their photos of their kids". It got me thinking that I used to be great about printing pictures off and putting them in photo albums, as you can see below:



 Then time got away from me and now I am super back logged on pictures. We make annual photo calendars every year for our family and the grandparents, but I want a better solution for keeping up with all our photos.

I have a couple text message threads with various groups of my mom friends and asked all of them what they do. Some of them print pictures and slide into traditional albums like we used to do, some of them don't print them at all, and some print them into those cute little books every once in awhile. My friend Katie was saying that every December her husband goes through their pictures of the past year and makes a "Family Yearbook". They also do them for all their family vacations. I LOVED this idea and thought I'd steal it and also share with you 😊 How cute is that idea?

So from my friends who answered that they have little books printed, I asked which companies they used and would they recommend. Each friend who has printed the books used a different company, and each one said they were happy with the quality and would recommend them. So really it all came down to looking on the various websites and finding a company I liked. 

My friends have used:

- Apple Books


- Shutterfly

- Mixbooks


I looked through the websites for a template I liked and ended up going with Mixbooks. I am now in the process of going back through the entire year of pictures to add to our book. 

It is a little intimidating at first because I have over 5,000 pictures on my current phone and have only had it since September (yikes... I have a picture taking problem). My hope is that as I go through these pictures I will also be able to delete a bunch of the ones I thought were cute at the time, but have since taken better ones. For example, I have probably 50+ pictures of Liam in his swing in our back yard. He loves his swing and is always so happy and smiley when swinging. Do I really need 50+ pictures of him swinging though? No. I need to go through them and pick the best 4-5 and keep them, then delete the rest.  

I also need a place where they are all consolidated. I have pictures on my old phone, pictures on my new phone, pictures on Devin's phone, pictures on our actual camera. It would be nice to have them all in one place.

My hope is to have our 2020 year in review book finalized and printed by the end of this week, then I can go back to previous years and try to get caught up. 

How do you keep up with all of your photos? Do you print and put them in traditional albums? Do you just keep them in online storage? Print books? I'd love to know!


  1. Ha! Of course I am reading - and I LOVE this topic! I, of course, have made no progress on my album since I asked people about their ideas LOL. but look at you go!! I love the yearbook style! I haven't printed any seasonal books since Fall 2020 - YIKES. I will get on that this week :)

    My husband and I also keep a google photos drive that we have all photos saved by month and year so they aren't just stuck on our phones :)

    1. Here's hoping I actually end up finishing the book!! This week has totally gotten away from me. Maybe one day I'll finally get caught up?

  2. I am a print girl; however most of our albums have fallen apart over the past few years and I've been moving all our photos over into photo storage cases. It has been such a job! But the bulk of my absolute favorite photos are used in our scrapbooks so I sort of do both/ all!

    1. My mom uses photo storage cases! They are great, but yes it takes time to transfer everything over!

  3. For the past few years, I've made my mom a kind of Year in Review photobook but with pictures of her and the grandkids. She loves them. We want to make photo albums for our trips from the more recent past too but we just haven't gotten to those. I'm planning on trying Project Life for my London trip. You have to print things out, but it's kind of an "easier" or "quicker" method of scrapbooking...or so I've been told. LOL


    1. Oh that is such a sweet idea for grandparents! We make ours a calendar every year and then they keep them :) A photobook makes more sense though

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