Monday, May 3, 2021

Books I Read in April

It's one of my favorite posts of the month: book reviews! One of my favorite things about blogging is the group of like minded women it brings together, which especially comes in handy when we recommend things to one another. The books you recommend often end up being some of my favorites! This month I was able to get 4 books in, 2 of which were your recommendations. Please keep those recommendations coming!!



The Last Mrs. Parrish-- One of you recommended this a loooooong time ago and I finally got around to reading it this month. I loved it! I felt like this was a unique plot and I was never really sure how it was going to end. I love how the book was split into two points of view: the mistress' and the wife. I loved that you felt like you got to know a character only to find out you didn't really know them at all. If you like thrillers, you should definitely add this one to your list! I give it an A.

Plant Over Processed-- A couple weeks ago I was telling you guys I've been trying to eat less processed food and how I've noticed a big change in my energy levels. This book is written by a woman who had several health issues including celiac disease, asthma, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, brain fog, and a lot more. She met with a holistic doctor who told her to try eating a more plant based diet to see if it could help with her various health problems. Long story short, she was able to  feel better without medicine and instead by changing her diet. While I don't have any of those health issues, I do sometimes struggle with feeling sluggish/fatigued and occasional brain fog. I mostly just chalk it up to motherhood with two young kids. But I figured eating more plants certainly wasn't going to make it worse, so it was worth a shot. I really can say that I am much more energetic throughout the day and haven't needed my typical 3-4 cups of coffee. This book is mostly recipes, and we have loved every one we have tried so far. If this sounds like something that could be up your alley, check it out! I give it an A.


Our Darkest Night-- This was the other book one of you recommended and I LOVED it! It's historical fiction, takes place in Italy, during WW2, and a strong female character. What's not to love?!  I don't want to give too much away but if you like historical fiction (and I know a lot of you do!) add this to your list! I give it an A+!

Last Child in the Woods-- I have started this book so many times but have never been able to finish before it was due back at the library. Honestly, I see why that always happens. While this book is interesting, it kinda reads like a textbook. It isn't the most exciting read. I picked it up to read at night and while I genuinely liked it, it wasn't a page turner that kept me up until midnight. It reminded me a lot of the book Barefoot and Balanced that I read a few years back and LOVED. If I had to pick one to recommend, I would pick Barefoot and Balanced over this one. That being said, I still give it a B. Interesting, but kind of a slow read.


My "to read" list is currently 41 books long, it looks like I have my work cut out for me this year. That being said, I can always add more! Anything you've read lately that you recommend??


  1. I read both The Last Mrs. Parrish and Our Darkest Night so maybe I was the recommender!

  2. I have heard before that eating mostly or all plant based is good for you and can help with a lot of underling health issues. I do love me some meat but I am all for getting rid of the overly processed foods. I am adding the book to my list

  3. I loved Mrs. Parrish and Darkest Night...great reads. Hope you have a good week! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. I love Earthy Andy! I mostly love her Hawaiian scenes, but we have also been into the smoothie bowls, hempies, and salad dressings.
    (and she's Canadian!)

  5. I enjoyed The Last Mrs. Parrish too and really enjoyed the alternate points of view.

  6. My "to read" list is out of hand! haha I'm adding Parrish to it though...

  7. Going to check out The Last Mrs. Parrish! Never read a thriller...kinda nervous. ha!