Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Favorites

Good morning and happy Friday! Do you have a fun weekend coming up? Today we are celebrating my dad's birthday and then tomorrow we are headed to the lake with friends. I am really looking forward to it! Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.. here's a look at this past week:

Favorite Activities:

One day this week after the kids naps we headed to one of our favorite parks ("The. Enchanted Forest" as Lil calls it 😊) and hiked the trails. 

The kids splashed in the creek for a bit. I have the best memories of playing in the creek with my sisters and our friends growing up. I know this always makes for a mess, but it is the best kind of mess in my opinion. The memories made and time spent in nature definitely make up for the extra laundry.

We stumbled across a new favorite spot for a picnic, right by the edge of the lake. 

Last night I packed our dinner in a cooler and Dev met us for a picnic dinner here at our new spot.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those of you who recommended Cosmic Kids Yoga!! I had heard of it before but at the time Lily Grace was too young for it and didn't have the attention span. Now she LOVES it!

Here she is doing one of the Frozen yoga classes (while dressed as Snow White of course). This makes for a great activity on the days she doesn't nap.

Halloween in August 
Earlier this week I wrote that when we were at Dollar Tree we saw they had their Halloween decorations out already. Lily Grace took that as her cue to go full steam ahead into making Halloween decorations. So far this week she made a bat:

And a spider:

And this picture she drew of two witches and hung on her door:

I love her energy and zest for life. Her sweet positivity is contagious.. how could I possibly say no to her decorating? Even though it's only August-- hah!

One-on-One Time
Lily Grace had her last gymnastics camp this week which meant that Liam and I got to soak up a lot of one-on-one time. Every time I get a little bit sad about LG going to camp, I realize how's special it is to get some one-on-one time with our little guy. He is growing up so fast-- he will be two in a matter of weeks! This was after he got his Back to School haircut this week:
And here we are at a park:
My Not-So-Favorite Favorite

Y'all. I have a love/hate relationship with running outside right now. While this view is an awful lot better than a treadmill:

It's also unbearably hot and humid in Charlotte right now. It has been 93+ degrees for the past two weeks. Which means even at night it never really cools down. So even if I run at 6:30 am when the sun comes up... it's still hot and humid. Ugh. Any other runners out there who are feeling my pain right now? I just keep thinking "in a few weeks it'll be better" and that's been getting me through. 
I took this pic after I was supposed to run 4+, but after 2 miles gave up and walked instead. I sent this to Devin and said "I'm done, I'm over it-- I'm running on the treadmill from here on out!!!" Except the thought of that doesn't sound too enticing either. 😆 Sorry for the rant-- hopefully there are some of you out there who get it too! I have two races coming up this fall (praying they don't get cancelled), so I have to figure something out ASAP. I can't fall back on training!

I hope you all have a happy weekend!! See you back here on Monday!


  1. OMG, the humidity! I went for my weekly run yesterday morning at 6:30 and really struggled. I finished the entire 6K eventually but was slow, walking way more than usual. The air was so heavy. It will be a Peloton ride for me today!

  2. I'm in San Antonio and while we have had a milder summer with no temperatures over 100, it's always humid here. My evening walks are pretty miserable.

    1. Good to hear it’s been milder, but that humidity can sure make it feel miserable

  3. Children playing in a creek is the best...heck adult playing in the creek is fun as well! Love the dinner picnic-what a great idea!

  4. We have had hot humid days for less than a week now and I can hardly stand it! I don't know how you all handle it in the south. LOL. Those Halloween decorations are the cutest.

    1. For the most part we get used to it— but it has been especially brutal lately!

  5. I love your dinner picnic idea. I used to do picnic lunches in the summer with the kids! Kudos to you for running in the heat and humidity!