Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Life Lately Part 2

 Hello again! On Monday I wanted to write a Life Lately post and realized how long it had been since I'd done one. We have been busy and have an awful lot of pictures to show for it! Today I am picking up where I left off and am finishing with Life Lately Part 2. Starting with what most mornings look like around here...

some playing in the backyard. As you can see behind them, they started with some chalk and then moved to coloring pictures at the table. Lily Grace loves to color, and Liam loves to do whatever LG does... so he pretends to color. 😍 He really just wants to be wherever she is and doing whatever she's doing. Classic younger sibling.

On one particularly hot day we decided to head to the children's museum for a bit. The kids love it here and just bounce from room to room to play in. The museum is built to be like a miniature town and each room has a theme. There is the fire station, the veterinarian's office, the grocery store, restaurant, car mechanic, etc. They love all the dramatic play and pretending in each room.

Car mechanic by day, princess by night. 😊

Then our little guy wanted to drive the tractor, while his sister took her turn being a veterinarian...

A couple weeks ago we headed up to the mountains to spend the weekend with my parents. The kids (and I!) just love this park. Here LG is pretending to be a troll under the bridge. 

Then we took the kids to Blue Deer Cookies for ice cream cookie sandwiches. It's safe to say they were a big hit!

The following morning I woke up and went for a run. This was my view:

Not too bad!

In other news, our big guy has decided he wants to fit in a booster seat now and no longer wants a highchair. We are probably overdue on this, but he was content in the highchair until this week. I swear I blinked and my baby is almost 2! Doesn't he look so big here??

Meanwhile his sister wanted to dress up as Snow White before taking her nap "since Snow White falls asleep for a long time". I wasn't going to fight that... and apparently it worked!! 

Haha maybe I need to encourage her to be Sleeping Beauty at nap time next??

Oh, and then remember those "back to school clothes" I just posted about? Someone has taken it upon herself to break into them a little early...

She is ready and excited for when school starts!

Other than that our days have looked a lot like hanging out with friends, hanging out at home, and swimming at the pool. Before we know it the kids will be in school and all the fun fall activities will be starting. Don't judge but I've already started thinking about our Halloween costumes. 😂


  1. LOL Emilia is planning Halloween costumes too - and her birthday is a couple week after, so we are already talking birthday themes! Bring on fall!