Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Let's Look: Phone Apps

 Good morning friends! Today's theme for Let's Look is phone apps and such... except I already wrote this post back in March for our NJAM link up. I thought about whether or not there are any different apps I'm using since March, but they're all the same. So today I'm phoning it in, and straight up copy and pasting my post from March onto today's post. So here are my favorite phone apps-- still the same from March!


I broke down my favorite apps into categories because I know we all have different interests. Some of you may be more interested in health/fitness apps, while others may be more interested in organization/daily life, etc. 

Reading Apps:

My reading app folder is definitely one of my most used folders. I keep a list of books on my phone and then as I am getting close to finishing one, I'll add a few more to my wait list at the library. Since the pandemic started books seem to be taking a lot longer than they used to, so I check out 3-4 at a time and hope that one is available when I'm ready for my next book. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library- How I check out books through our library

Hoopla- Many ebooks and audiobooks are available through our library on Hoopla

Libby-- Same as Hoopla, if you link your library card there are a lot of free ebooks and audiobooks to download.

Audible-- I finally signed up for an Audible membership a few months back since not everything is available on audiobook through our library and I LOVE it. A great investment for someone who loves to read, but doesn't always have the time to look at a book. I love to listen while I run, drive, clean the house, fold laundry, etc. 

Health and Fitness:

Fitbit: I love this app and have loved it for years. I love how you can look at your steps for the week and see which days you were more active vs days you were less active. I have days where I get 18,000 steps and then days where I get 5,000 steps all within the same week... and that's okay! Not every single day can be a super active one. Some days you just have to get other stuff done, and that may include a lot more sitting 😊

Sweat: This is the app I use for the BBG workouts and I swear by it. I have been doing BBG off and on for years and I truly feel it is a realistic approach to exercise and healthy living. You can schedule your workouts for the week in the app, complete the workouts through the app, and even get some delicious healthy recipes. If you love health and fitness apps, I cannot recommend this enough. It is definitely worth signing up for the free trial.

Social Media:


Pinterest: My favorite form of social media, hands down! This is where I turn for inspiration in just about any category. It's a rainy day and I need craft ideas for the kids? I'm turning to Pinterest. Stuck in an outfit rut? Pinterest to the rescue. Have a general idea for home decor but can't figure out how to put it all together? Pinterest yet again. I love, love, love this app!


Instagram: I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I love to check it and see what my friends are up to but I can so easily slide down the rabbit hole where 30 minutes pass by and I'm looking at random profiles I don't really even care about. How does that happen?! Every time. I set a timer on it so I can only look for 15 minutes a day. That seems to be all I really need to keep up with pics of my friends and their lives. 

Other Randoms:

Weather App

Okay, not sure if this one counts because it's so basic but I love to look at the weather not just here in Charlotte, but in places around the world we have visited. For example as I write this it is 46 and cloudy in Charlotte, but its 68 and rainy in Bali (it's nighttime), 64 and cloudy in Hong Kong, and a beautiful 73 and sunny in Kauai. So while it may be kinda gross here, at least I can daydream about the places that are having nicer weather. 😊


Oh my love for Zillow runs deep. I love to look at other people's homes and at real estate prices around the country. I am always so curious how much house you can get for your money in different cities and states. Like what a million dollar house looks like in Long Island vs Las Vegas. I also get really good home decor inspiration from Zillow, because the homes can look nicely decorated but still clearly lived in. Sometimes on Pinterest things look too staged or like the decor just wouldn't work in everyday life. Zillow is a more real life version.



I was initially hesitant to download Lightroom because I thought "what do I know about editing pictures?". I first tried editing on my own and got very overwhelmed. Lightroom is a lot to take in for a beginner! I downloaded some pre-made presets from Etsy and then started adding them to my photos, and then over time started tweaking my photos myself to make them look how I want. Now I am a Lightroom addict! I take pictures of the most random things just to see how the picture would look once edited. 



I mean this one is just a given, right?  I feel like this is one everybody has and loves. 


Reading back through that in August, everything still rings true. Those are still my favorite and most used apps! Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look. Have a great day!


  1. I'm definitely going to try setting a timer for myself for Instagram. It totally can become a rabbit hole! Love the reminder about Fitbit steps, too! Great perspective!

    1. Yes--- somehow you go from "Oh I'll just look for 5 minutes" to still looking 30 minutes later!

  2. Timer is a game changer! It makes you realize how fast the time goes of going down those rabbit holes!
    Caroline @ dramatic in the best way

  3. i need to get back to using the timer again. Tik Tok grabs me

    1. Oh my gosh yesssss and I hate when 20 minutes go by and I'm like "none of those were even worth watching"

  4. I set a timer when I’m on Instagram too! I love Lightroom as well. Now that I figured out which settings I like, it’s easier for me to manage and just copy from already filtered photos.