Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Fall Amazon Fashion

 Hi there, I hope you all have had a good week so far! This is our kids' first week of school and so far I haven't cried yet about them going back-- hah! Liam's first day was Tuesday and Lily Grace's first day was today. Tomorrow they both go and I'm thinking the second I walk into a quiet, empty house is when I might lose it. Luckily I have about a dozen errands to run-- I'm thinking if I keep busy I will have less time to miss them. 😉

A couple years ago I did some Amazon Fall Fashion posts and they turned out to be big hits. I decided to have a little fun with Amazon fashion again this year, and it turns out they have a lot of cute stuff. I'm excited to share what I found with you today!

First up, this white tunic is a knock off of this Free People one that's $128. It is SUPER soft and cozy. I love the bright white color, it made me think of fresh, powdery snow. They do have it in several colors though.

Tunic/Leggings (not Amazon, but my favorite leggings of all time)

For the next outfit, I was at the mall with my mom & the kids and we walked past Vineyard Vines. I loved how they had some of the mannequins dressed and went to check the prices on everything. This mannequin from head to toe was roughly $275. 

I said to my mom "I have plenty of white shirts and a denim jacket, I could probably find some cheaper pants on Amazon." Thus, this outfit was born:

Pants/Shirt (super old J. Crew)/Denim Jacket

The pants were a little more snug than I would've liked, so if you order, I recommend going up a size. 

This one is a comfy turtleneck sweater with knock offs of the Spanx faux leather leggings:

Turtleneck/Faux Leathers Leggings

I love that the turtleneck had a little hole for my thumb. That always makes me happy on a cold day.

The rest of these are nothing new, I've posted them a couple times over the past few weeks but thought I'd share again:

 T Shirt Dress

I have worn this dress over and over since it came. I think it could be cute with some booties and a fun hat once the weather cools down.

I love this jumpsuit! I wore it to Parent Orientation at the kids' schools. It felt casual yet dressy enough for a back to school meeting. This one would also be cute with some booties and a fun hat.

And I liked the different look of pulling the shoulder to the side:

And then last but not least, these joggers with a brown pocket tee:

Comfy, cozy, casual. A perfect outfit for running everyday errands.

Also, most of the clothes from my old Amazon posts are still available if you want to check out some of the old posts:

This one above is still one of my most worn fall/winter outfits

Amazon Fall Fashion 1

Amazon Fall Fashion 2

Amazon Fall Fashion 3

I hope the rest of your week goes well. See you back here Friday!


  1. Everything looks so nice! I will have to check out what is available on Amazon Canada, not always the same.

  2. Lightning deal on that first sweater!! Buying now LOL thank you!! :) All this stuff is so cute!

  3. I love those thumb holes on my fall and winter shirts! You have so many cute things here.