Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Favorites: Our First Week of School!

 Good morning and happy Friday! This week was our first week of school and it was a big success. Both kids were very excited to go, and there were no tears!

Liam's first day was Tuesday.

Lily Grace's first day was Wednesday.

Then they both went on Thursday! I knew it was in my best interest to keep busy so  I ran around doing a bunch of errands and then the next thing I knew, it was time to pick them up. 

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites and sharing the highlights of our week. 

Before we start, did you see my post on Wednesday? I did an updated Amazon Fall Fashion post and have some cute outfits to share. 
Make sure you click over there to check them out! Now, onto Friday Favorites:

Favorite Activities:

The weather is finally cooling down a bit-- yay!! Instead of 95+ degrees each day, the highest it got this week was 88. I'll take it! The mornings have been much cooler too and we have been able to open the windows and let that cool, fresh air in. We have been playing in the backyard a lot:

And had another picnic in our new favorite picnic spot:

On Tuesday while Liam was in school, Lily Grace and I headed to our local toy store to buy Liam's birthday presents. She had so much fun picking out the toys she thought he would like (and she actually did a pretty good job!). Then, of course, she made her way over to where all the dress up clothes were. 😂 
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Favorite Things We Ate:

We made our plant-based nachos again and as always, they were a big hit. 

We are headed to spend the weekend with my parents & one of my sisters and they all requested we make these while we're up there. When my meat-loving dad is requesting a plant-based recipe, we take him up on it!

I have been trying the different dairy-free options for creamers and oat milk appears to be the most similar to regular cream. This one has become a new favorite:

It tastes just like an oatmeal cookie and is delicious!

Favorite New Product:
A couple weeks ago during the Tarte friends and family sale I grabbed the Surfer Curl mascara, and I LOVE it! I love what an impact it makes, and I love how easily it comes off when I wash my face. 

Favorite Fun Tip:

At the end of each season, Bath & Body Works puts their "old" candles on sale in order to make room for the new scents. This is when I stock up! Right now their summer scents are 50% off, so I went to the store and bought several summer scents to have on hand next summer. As for my fall candles... 

I already have a bunch in the closet because I stocked up on fall candles at the end of last fall. If I run out of candles mid-season, I'll buy 1 or 2.. but at $22 apiece I prefer to stock up when on sale. 

We are looking forward to a weekend of fun in the mountains! I see some football, hiking, and camping in the backyard in our future. I hope you all have a nice weekend too!

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  1. Here from the link up! Your kids are adorable, the candle tip is such an amazing idea and I must try that Tarte mascara! I currently have a few makeup items from Tarte and love them, there's an eyebrow filler that lasts all day and I.LOVE.IT. Have a fantastic weekend!