Monday, September 20, 2021

Fall Family Pictures Tips & Tricks

 Good morning everyone! A couple weeks ago we booked a local photographer to take our fall family pictures. I know this is something many families do at this time of year, and figured many of us have "Fall Family Pics" on the brain. A few of the Charlotte family photographers have been posting some tips and tricks to help make family pictures go more smoothly and I thought I would share. These tips are NOT my own, so I take no credit for them. Also, for the kids tips, you know your own kids... some of these may apply to your family, some of them may not. Pick and choose what makes sense for you!

Family Pictures 2020

Top Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Wardrobe

- Keep it Neutral-

Neutral colors are your friend! Neutral colors photograph well and can be colors other than black, white, or gray. Think dusty pink, sage green, light denim blue. If you're having trouble picking a color palette, consider the location and draw inspiration from there.


When considering patterns, remember that less is more. Small, subtle prints can be a great way to add a little pop of color-- just balance them out with something solid so it isn't "too much".

Family Pictures 2018

- Textures-

As a substitute for patterns, go for texture. Think eyelet lace blouses, cozy knit scarves, a flowy linen dresses. Texture photographs well and adds interest to photos.

- Loose Clothes are Typically More Flattering Than Tight- 

When it comes to choosing dresses or shirts, fabrics that are loose and breezy can promote movement in your photos.

- Comfort is Key- 

Make sure you are comfortable and can move around easily without having to adjust clothes every few minutes. 

**I have learned from experience with this one!! In 2020 I wore the cutest shoes, only to find out they gave me horrible blisters when we walked around the location. Not to mention the shoes didn't even end up in any of the pictures anyway-- oops!**

Top Tips to Prep KIDS for a Session:

- Reword or Reframe- 

The thought of "taking pictures" can sound boring or intimidating to some kids. Try making it sound like the fun it is! Instead of saying "we are going to take some pictures today", try wording it as "we are going to explore a new place with a friend today" or "we are going to go play outside as a family today".

- Schedule During a Time That Will Be Sucessful-

Avoid scheduling during nap or close to bedtime. Make sure kids are well fed prior to the session. Hungry or tired kids can be angry kids.

- Wait to Dress Your Child Until You Arrive at Your Session-

If your child is prone to mess (like many kids are), plan to dress them when you arrive at the session. Also, always plan a backup outfit because you never know what could happen.

- Dress Your Kids in a Comfortable Outfit-

If you have to keep adjusting or fixing their outfit, then it probably isn't the best choice. They should be able to move freely and have fun.


Check with your photographer first, but some are okay with bringing snacks. If you do bring them, it is often recommended to put them in a clear plastic bag because it'll be easier to edit out if it ends up in pictures.

- Lead by Example-

If you are stressed, your kids are likely to pick up on that and their behavior will be off as well. Try to be as relaxed as possible and they will match your energy.

I hope these tips will make your life a little easier when it comes time to have your own family pictures taken. On Wednesday my plan is to share some outfit ideas in case you need a little inspiration! See you then!


  1. These are great tips! Even with teens I still tend to bribe them with some sort of food reward (like going out to dinner/lunch afterwards) to get them smiling and being the most cooperative.

    1. Yess!! You know your family and what works for them! We are all about bribing with a treat at the end :)

  2. LOVE these tips! And I give people similar tips ;) I looooove the tip of making sure you're comfortable. I can't tell you how many times a lady has come to me feeling uncomfortable in a top and they are busting out and i'm having to watch for a bra or something like that! Come comfortable :)