Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Liam is 2!

 Good morning! Tomorrow our sweet boy turns 2 years old. This boy is pure joy personified. I cannot imagine our lives without him.

Last week was his first week of school and his teachers said "he is the most easygoing, well adjusted, happy kid". Those teachers hit the nail right on the head. Here are a few fun things about Liam right now:

- This boy can EAT. Devin, LG and I are so used to it by now that it no longer phases us, but anytime we have friends over for dinner or have a lunch play date we hear "wow, he was HUNGRY" or "omg I can't believe he can eat all that!" This kid legitimately eats adult sized portions of food, and he's 2. The pediatrician said he's growing like a weed and is just burning through all that food like crazy!

- That being said, he doesn't like classic "kid food". We have tried twice to give him a cheeseburger and he turned it down both times. He won't eat mac and cheese. What kid doesn't eat mac and cheese?? He will crush some broccoli though.

- His love for trucks/emergency vehicles/construction equipment runs deep. Car rides with him sound a lot like "Mommy!! A BIG truck!!" "Mommy!! A Jeep!" "Mommy!! A fire truck!" I was never aware of how often we passed these things on the road until now 😂

- He loves his sister BIG TIME and the feeling is mutual. Everything she does, he copies. If she wants to go on the swings, he wants to go on the swings too. If she wants to draw with chalk, he will be right there next to her trying to draw too. They are truly best friends and it makes me so so happy.

- There is nothing he loves more than making people laugh. He will be the silliest goose if he thinks it'll get a laugh out of someone. The joy he has for life is contagious. You can't help but smile when you're around our happy boy!

Happy 2nd birthday Liam!! You add so much light to our lives and the rest of the world around you.