Monday, August 26, 2019

Monthly Goals-- September

I cannot believe it is already almost September. This year has flown by! Anyone else here excited for the (hopefully) cooler temperatures September will bring? We had the sweetest little taste of fall weather here this weekend. Sunday was in the mid 70's with no humidity. It was BEAUTIFUL! Now if only would stay that way for awhile, right?? 
Before we move on to September, let's take a look at August's goals:

1. Transition LG to Toddler Bed: Done! This one actually was not as bad as we were thinking, thank God. The first few days she went into her closet to try on ALL of her shoes, take them off, and then crawl back into bed. One day she opened up her dresser drawers and came out of her room with a completely different outfit on than what she had on before nap. 😂 I was able to watch it all on the video monitor to make sure she was safe, and honestly that was the "worst" of it. Now she just lays right down and goes to sleep or talks to her stuffed animals until she falls asleep. 
2. Read 4 Books: Done! I had several audiobooks downloaded from the library and was able to listen to them while multi-tasking, which is one of my favorite things to do. I listen while cooking, while getting ready in the morning, while on my walks, while folding laundry, at night before bed, etc. 3/4 were FANTASTIC and the other one started off great but had a lousy finish. Don't you just hate that? I'll post my monthly book review next week.
3. Keep Up With Daily Walking: Yes and no. Did I keep up with walking most of the time? Yes. Was it daily? No. I did the best I could but ladies it has been SO HOT here. I am now almost 37 weeks pregnant, so walking in the heat just wasn't happening. Also, if I'm being honest, some days I just wasn't in the mood and preferred to put my feet up and rest. 
4. Stay Organized Through Back to School: Yes! It helps a lot that I have been slowing prepping some things over the summer in order to make the transition for my long term sub easier. I don't normally prep so far in advance, but wasn't sure how I'd be feeling this far along in my pregnancy and wanted to get some of the work done while I could. I have to say, spacing it out made a HUGE difference and I may try to do that again in the future in order to have an easier transition back to school. 

Now next month we have a few major transitions coming our way, so my goals are mostly to try to keep my head above water. Here they are:
1. Baby- Our baby is due this month! It's so crazy to think that the time is finally here!
2. Stay Organized as LG Begins Preschool- I know there will be a lot of Open House/Orientation Meetings/Meet the Teacher events to go to and a lot of paperwork to fill out. I know it'll be nuts once this baby comes, so I'm hoping I can stay on top of everything before the crazy begins!
3. Read 1 Book- This baby isn't due until mid-September, but we obviously don't know for sure when baby will be here. I'm setting a low goal for this one and thinking maybe I"ll be able to pleasantly surprise myself (or not, and that's fine too!). When I was nursing Lily Grace in the early days I would try to listen to a thriller/suspense type audiobook in the wee hours of the morning because it helped me to stay awake. Who knows, maybe I'll be doing that again?
4. Walk As Often As Possible- I'm hoping these temperatures start to cool off sooner rather than later and we will be able to get outside more. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. I love this idea of setting monthly goals! Visiting you today from the hello monday link up.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I have noticed it helps keep me accountable!

  2. Our little one did the same thing when he went to a toddler bed. This sounds horrible, but make sure you bolt all the furniture to the wall. Someone we know didn't, because they figured they'd hear/see on the monitor but in the middle of the night their son climbed the dresser which landed on top of him and he did not survive. I only share this because I had no idea the real risk and it made me run out to bolt everything. Better safe than sorry, of course.

    1. We did bolt everything to the walls but thank you so much for the reminder. It's scary to think about, but we made sure everything was very secure.