Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Good morning and happy What's Up Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay. I didn't have good enough answers to all of the questions, so I skipped over a few and answered the ones that really fit for this month. Let's get started:
What' We're Eating This Week: We have been making this Watermelon and Arugula Salad on repeat around here and cannot get enough!
We've also been making the Seared Salmon and Roasted Beet salad from the BBG app a lot too. I buy the pre-cooked beets from Costco because it makes the recipe SO much easier. You can pretty much throw the rest together in a matter of minutes. For a salad, it's actually really filling! 
What I'm Loving: We had a taste of beautiful fall weather this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL. I am looking forward to spending time outside without dripping in sweat and lazy Sundays watching football with our soon to be family of FOUR. 😍
What We've Been Up To: A whole bunch of waiting, waiting, and more waiting on this baby to come. Did anyone else feel like their last month of pregnancy was an ETERNITY?!
What I've Been Working On: I wrote another grant for school and it was accepted (woohoo!). I got some new robotics equipment for my STEM classroom and am looking forward to being able to teach the kiddos once I get back from maternity leave. It won't arrive on time for me to dive deep enough into it before I leave. Here are a few of the things we have coming:

These are just a few of the many activities I was able to get, plus several more classroom iPads/apps, and several more engineering units from Engineering is Elementary through the Museum of Science Boston. I am so grateful for the support I get from our school and school system to be able to continue to add to my students love for engineering!
What I've Been Watching/Reading: I read 4 books this past month and LOVED 3/4 of them. The other one started off really well but unfortunately went downhill fast. I will put up my monthly book review next week to go through them more thoroughly. The most recent one I read is The Wife and it was GREAT! 
I kept telling my sisters it was very reminiscent of Law & Order SVU. If you like SVU, you'll love this book!
As for watching, we are finally getting around to finishing up Game of Thrones. We almost done with season 8 and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I kept hearing how awful the last season was but I actually like it. Did any of you watch the show? I lost interest in Season 5 when Arya was training with the Faceless Man and King's Landing took an extreme religious turn... season 8 may not be perfect but I definitely can't say it's boring. 
What I'm Wearing: I pretty much live in maxi dresses these days. They are loose and comfortable around this growing belly! It blows my mind that just a few months ago I had never bought clothes from Amazon before, because now it feels like that is pretty much the only place I shop! Who knew they had such affordable clothes that are actually cute? Here are a few of my purchases from there:
Peplum Shirt/Shorts (old, but similar here)

That's pretty much it for what's been going on around here. Mostly just a whole lot of impatiently waiting on this baby's arrival! Thanks for reading along today!


  1. I thought season 8 kind of went off the rails a bit. Not sure about some people's choices. But I thought the second episode was cool and the third episode had one of my favorite parts of the entire series. Thinking about it some more though, I noticed I tend to be disappointed in finales. Finales in books, movies and tv series. I feel like the end always changes things up that makes it different than whatever it was I liked about everything else.

    1. I agree, I'm almost always disappointed in finales. I guess this time around I kept hearing how bad it was and the bar was set VERY low, making anything seem better than what I was expecting!