Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Highlights-- Blowing Rock at the End of the Summer

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend spent with family and friends. This past weekend Devin was out of town so Lily Grace and I drove up to Blowing Rock, NC to spend the weekend with my parents. We loved having the opportunity to spend time with family. Here are a few pictures from our trip:
The beautiful view from our drive up. This view never gets old.

See why they're referred to as the Blue Ridge Mountains?
 Doing a little art on the porch Saturday morning. Has anyone bought these? I thought they would be similar to the Melissa and Doug books but they were not reusable (that I could tell at least). I'm kind of disappointed. I wouldn't recommend buying these.
But we still had a happy camper either way 😀
After nap time we walked into the town to play in their playground/walk around but I forgot my phone (oops!). Luckily we did the same thing Sunday morning so I grabbed a few pics of how adorable "downtown" Blowing Rock is. 
Town Hall, which is located right next to the playground/park.
The tiny community library
 One of the two stoplights. The town was pretty deserted Sunday morning but the rest of the weekend it was packed. I looked like a lot of families who were trying to squeeze in one last weekend of summer break before school starts. 
 I know I'm biased but I love this little town so much. Apparently I'm not the only one because it has an entire book series based in the town and countless articles about how wonderful it is. See a few below:

If you live in the Southeast and are looking for a fun place to visit for the weekend I highly recommend it! Also, several of my parents neighbors rent out their houses on Airbnb, so if you're looking for a place that is walking distance to the town I'd suggest one of theirs!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. It was nice to get a little R&R in before the back to school craziness and newborn baby craziness take over. Have a great week 😀


  1. That is a pretty amazing view! I have never heard of Blowing Rock before but it looks like my kind of town.

    1. It's very small, I think it must be one of those "best kept secrets" for people who live close by!

  2. I love Blowing Rock! So cool to see your pictures because I spent a lot of childhood playing in that same park!