Friday, June 5, 2020

Book I Read in the Month of May... and What I'm Reading in June

Good morning friends. Today I want to share with you the books that I read in the month of May, but before I do that I wanted to let you know about two of the books I plan to read this summer. 

I understand that I don't know what it feels like to have someone judge me simply because of what I look like. I know that I will never truly be able to understand what that feels like. But I think by having these conversations and by reading/thinking/talking about these uncomfortable topics we can become better informed and hopefully understand a little better. 

I only read two books in May, and I would highly recommend one but not the other. Let's get to it!
The Sun Down Motel-- I LOVED this book! I love a good thriller and this one definitely fit that bill, but it was also very unique from the other thrillers I have read. This story is about a girl who goes missing from her job at the Sun Down Motel in the 80's and her niece comes back in present day to try to find out what happened to her. It goes back and forth between the 80's and present day, but has some included "guests" at the motel who never really left. If you like thrillers with a hint of ghost story, this book is for you! Overall, I would give it an A. I found out about this book through my new Facebook book club I joined, Reading Between the Wines, and so far every book has been a hit! I can't wait to keep reading the books Caitlin suggests.
There Are No Grown Ups-- I was unfortunately so disappointed in this book. It wasn't terrible by any means, but I love the other books this author has written so it was a let down that I didn't automatically love this one as well. Some of it was cute, some of it was waaaayyyyy too much information, some of it was deep, and some of it was unnecessary fluff. The parts I liked, I really liked. But there were some things in the book that I could've done without. Just a fair warning, if you're thinking about reading it, it is definitely rated R as the author talks about her sex life and doesn't exactly hold back. Overall, I would give it a B.

What about you ladies? What are you reading in the month of June? 

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. I hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. I am listening to White Fragility now. It is eye opening. I loved The Sun Down Motel too.

    1. It really has been eye opening. I hate that it took me so long to read something like this, but am happy to be doing it now!

  2. I just picked up Mary Kay Andrews latest book from our library. I am firmly in my beach reads season now.

    1. I hear ya! I think I need some more "light and fluffy" books to balance out what else I'm reading and everything that's gong on right now.