Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tour of Our Backyard

Good morning friends and welcome to my backyard! Over the past few months I have been telling you about the non-stop projects we have been doing back here and I figured it was about time I showed you all the work we've been doing. So pretend you're pouring yourself a glass of white wine and come relax with me in our backyard 😀
I had a couple girlfriends over last week and snapped this picture right before they came over. We don't usually keep a little bucket of extra drinks/snacks just sitting around on the back patio. 😉 
 So one of our major projects has been the brick patio we installed. It used to just be nasty old concrete that was badly in need of repairing/covering. Devin and our friend put this patio in one afternoon and we have been loving it ever since! We already had the furniture and fire pit elsewhere in our backyard area, so we just moved it over here. The shed is new and holds the kids bikes, outdoor toys, etc. #nogarageproblems
This is our swingset we grabbed from Costco at the beginning of the stay-at-home order. We had been talking about getting one for awhile now but knew it was a big investment. We are SO happy we ended up buying it! Lily Grace and Liam have both spent countless hours out here already and I know we have many more to come. This thing saved us from going insane many times during quarantine!
 This bird bath is in our garden area. This is where our hydrangeas, gardenias, roses and more are. 
And this is the view from the back corner of the garden. 
My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom! I love these beautiful big blooms and how much color they add to the garden. Once my limelight hydrangeas start blooming the garden area really pops. I can't wait!
Here is our vegetables garden. We've already had tons of radishes, blueberries, 3 cucumbers and 1 zucchini. We are just starting to get into zucchini season and will be up to our ears in zucchini before we know it, hence all the zucchini recipes last week.
Here is our grill/dining area. We also keep the hammock over here when we aren't using it so LG has more room to run around the lawn. When we want to use the hammock though we move it over to the grass. I feel more comfortable relaxing in a hammock above soft ground than I do in a hammock over concrete!
So when we first bought our house this pergola/grill area wasn't here. It was just a concrete slab that had been poured for a future renovation of the house. Apparently it was a DIY job and was not done "to code" for building upon. The former owners of our house ended up getting a divorce (not over the concrete slab, in case you were wondering if the wife flipped out on her husband for making such a big, expensive mistake 😉). The owners needed to sell the house, including the random concrete slab. I saw it as a headache, but Devin saw it as an opportunity to turn it into a nice backyard grill area. Thank goodness he saw its potential! The next project on our list is to stain the concrete, because despite all the power washing we do every year, the coloring of the concrete is still off.  
Here is our tomato cage area and where we keep our extra chairs for when guests come over. These were free plastic chairs that my parents' friends were getting rid of that we spray painted some "fun" colors. They were light gray before, like the color of concrete or the sky on an overcast day. I think the spray paint was an improvement and you can't beat free!
And here is one last overview picture of our backyard. This is where we spend a majority of our days, so I'm happy to share some pictures of it with you. Now when I say "we were playing in the backyard" you can picture what I'm talking about 😊.

Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. you have a big beautiful yard!

  2. You have a beautiful backyard! We just took our swingset/ playscape down a couple years ago. My boys used it so much that it was definitely worth the money we had invested in it.

    1. That's what everyone keeps telling me! So far I am very happy with the purchase.