Monday, June 1, 2020

Goals for the Month of June

Good morning friends and happy Monday! This week our lives begin the slow transition to our new normal. It makes me a little nervous, but I know we are itching to start returning to a bit of normalcy. Lily Grace's swim school is opening back up this week and we have her first lesson back already scheduled. I also have plans to have a few girlfriends over to our backyard to have a little "social distance hangout". I am looking forward to seeing my girlfriends for the first time since March!

Last month my focus was on relaxing and soaking up this family time. I think I nailed it. It turns out "doing a whole bunch of nothing" is a lot more up my alley than I used to think. Pre-quarantine I was that person who always had to be busy, was always checking things off my to-do list and felt more fulfilled when I accomplished more stuff. Being forced into relaxation mode has been chicken soup for the soul, truly. I hate that it took something as awful as COVID for me to realize the importance of doing nothing but spend time with my family. Why spend my days running a bunch of errands when I can just have it delivered and spend that time with my family? 

Anyway, on to June's goals!
1. No Spend Month- So... the good news about quarantine is that we've spent a lot of good quality family bonding time. The bad news? We've spent an absurd amount of money on house projects/backyard stuff. It all needed to be done anyway and looks fantastic... but yikes. 
So this month we are going to try doing another "no spend month". We did one of these back in February and it was great! It was very eye opening how many "wants" we purchased vs "needs". Then quarantine hit and we were stuck inside and needed some projects in order to keep busy/sane. So we are trying to hit the "reset" button on our spending by only buying things we have pre-determined as a "need". 
2. Start Running Again- Pre-COVID I was training for a 10k with my friends, but then the race got cancelled and I completely stopped running. I may not be able to run any official 10k's or half marathons this year, but that doesn't mean I can't still do it on my own! I miss running. I miss that natural high feeling after a good run. I love this quote below because it is exactly how I feel about running/my body while training for races:
If someone had told me years ago that I would go run 7-10 miles on the weekends for fun, I would've thought they were crazy. Yet that's my life when I'm training for a race and I truly do love it!

When I start over from scratch with running, I like to do it on a track. I run one lap, walk one lap, run one, walk one until I am able to start building up to running more and walking less. I do not just start running 1-2 miles right out of the gate because I have injured myself doing that in the past. I used to think "Oh I am in good enough shape, I can easily run 2 miles" but why push too much too soon? My body is getting older and doesn't "bounce back" quite as easily at it used to! 😁 

My plan is to hit up one of the various outside tracks that are available around here and get started. Once I'm able to do a few miles, I'll start running through neighborhoods. Anyone want to start running with me? We can set goals for ourselves and keep track of our miles?
3. Read a Book or Two- I love reading, but sometimes I feel like I'm trying to rush through a book in order to meet my monthly goal of reading 3ish books. It's okay to be a little more chill. If I get through one, awesome. If I get through two, even better.  But no pressure.  

So that's it! Another month of goals, but a more "chilled out" version. What are your goals/plans for the month of June??


  1. I've been reading lots of light, chick-lit books because I cannot handle anything heavy right now haha! And I have loved the extra time to relax during these last few months!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. I understand! I need to add some lighter reads to my list too.

  2. The no-spend month is a great idea. We really cut back during the initial corona days, but now the spending has ramped back up. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. At the beginning of quarantine, I was saving money from not having to drive to work, eating out, etc., but then we started buying things for our kitchen (which we needed) since a lot of places were having great sales. So I definitely understand the no-spend month! You have a great list of goals. xo

  4. I did great not spending money the first month other than on household items/ groceries but then I just went nuts this past month!