Monday, June 8, 2020

Not Just a Mom... Fun Facts

Good morning friends and welcome to another "Not Just a Mom" post! This month we are sharing some "fun facts" about ourselves, and I realized that some of my fun facts might be more described as "quirky things about me", but whatever! I am who I am 😀. Here are 10 fun/quirky facts about me!

1. I am always mentally planning a vacation, even if we have no plans to go there anytime soon. We have talked about going to Greece "one day", with no real time frame in mind, yet you better believe I am pinning on Pinterest like crazy and planning a tentative itinerary. 
It's a fun way to spend my time that's more constructive than social media (which I often come away from feeling "bleh", if you know what I mean?).
2. I love to check the weather of some of my favorite vacation places, even if I am not planning a trip there. 
In the dead of winter I love to check warm places like Hawaii and Bali and daydream of warmer places. In the summer, I'm checking places with cooler temperatures like Bar Harbor, Maine or Paris. 

3. I sing constantly. It used to weird Devin out when we first got married, but I think he's used to it now. I mean instead of asking him to do simple things like "please put away your shoes" I'll sing it in a song. It's weird, I know. Thank God he puts up with me. 😂

4. I have an extreme fear of cockroaches. I am not afraid of spiders, I am not afraid of snakes, but you put me around a cockroach and I FREAK. Devin has tried countless times to tell me that they aren't dangerous, they aren't dirtier than other bugs, etc. But I just can't. They're so fast. They're so gross. They can fly. Nope. Just nope. 

5. I get really bad motion sickness, and while I've always had it, it has gotten worse as I've gotten older. I used to be able to ride roller coasters, but now I can only do the "easy" rides. I can't even swing on the swings with my kids or the hammock without getting nauseous. I've been told that women's hormones can play a part in this and that the symptoms can be better or worse depending on where we are in our monthly cycles... but also, some people just get it worse than others. That person is me. 😑

6. Devin says I dance like a pogo stick, I just bounce up and down 😂. While I think I'm a little more graceful than a pogo stick, I'm pretty sure I fit the stereotype of "white girl can't dance". 

7. I am very much an introvert at first, but once I get to know you and feel comfortable I come waayyyy out of my shell. Like no holds back, open book, tell you everything and then some kinda person. Especially if I have a glass of wine in me. 

8. Baseball is my favorite sport to both watch and play, but I also love to play golf. I do not play nearly enough of either sport anymore, but used to be on the golf team in high school and played regularly for years afterwards. 

9. Zillow is my favorite app, by far. 
Even though we aren't planning on moving, I love to just look at houses. I look at houses in Charlotte, or other places across the country! I love to look at older homes with character and charm. I love to see how people decorate. I must have dozens of screenshots from houses on Zillow whose decorating I love. I use it kind of like some people use Pinterest, except that Pinterest can feel too much like "show homes" whereas Zillow feels more real life and lived in. 
 10. I am incapable of properly cooking chicken. I don't understand how I either overcook it or undercook it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The only way I'm safe is if I put it in the crock-pot, and let's be real, that doesn't really count. If I have to grill it, bake it, or cook it in a pan it's a lost cause. The chicken will either be undercooked or end up looking like the turkey from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:
There are some things I do well, but cooking chicken is not one of them. 

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Next month we are writing about how we do "girl time". See you then!


  1. These are definitely fun facts! I've gotten worse at tolerated rides and such as I've gotten older too.

    1. I hate it! How is it 2020 and there isn't a way to fix this for us yet?!

  2. We are too similar... Like crazy similar hahaha. I related to almost everything you posted. From one fellow pogo stick to another, dance like nobody is watching girl!

  3. One of my favorite type of post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I feel like I am always mentalling planning a few vacations too! In fact each year I have such a hard time actually planning a vacation becuase I start pricing out several different areas and can never decide on just one!

    1. It's addicting! There are too many wonderful places to see, it's so hard to narrow it down!

  5. I love to sing randomly too! And break out an impromptu dance. My family says I have issues but I know they love it! Lol.