Monday, October 26, 2020

Chasing the Fall Foliage

Good morning friends and happy Monday! We are back at home today after spending a majority of last week in the mountains trying to see all the beautiful leaves. We were lucky enough to get up there just at the tail end of "leaf season" and catch most of the leaves before they fell. I felt like every day I kept saying "It's a good thing we got here when we did, look how many more leaves are gone today!!"
We drove up after Lily Grace's school let out on Tuesday afternoon and stopped at The Ridgeline to grab a picture of the view. This picture really does not do the view justice. It is so easy to see why they are referred to as "The Blue Ridge Mountains", right?

Our first night there was pretty low key. My parents offered to watch the kiddos so Dev and I could grab a bite to eat sans kids. We haven't done that in what feels like forever! It was great to get to have some adult only time and be reminded that we still enjoy each others company when the kids aren't with us 😉

The next morning the kids were up early (6 AM, as usual) and we thought since we were up, it might be fun to try to go catch a view of the sunrise. Dev googled a place nearby and we quickly hopped in the car. It was completely unplanned so we were all in our pajamas and had some serious bed head going on 😂.

This is the view from Cone Manor, which is one of our favorite spots to visit whenever we are there. 
How lucky were we to catch this sunrise? Also, how nice is that camera on my phone?! I have a feeling my DSLR is going to be collecting dust from here on out...
This is Cone Manor, the place we stopped for pictures. If you are ever driving along the BRP, it's right off the Parkway at mile post 294. It's worth a stop!

We came home and raked some leaves for the kids to jump/play in. One of them loved it...
While the other did NOT!
This was his "get me out of here NOW!!" face-- poor guy! Anyone else's kids not like leaf piles? He had long pants on but I'm wondering if he didn't like the rough/scratchy feeling of them on his arms.

The following morning we were a little more prepared for our morning sunrise adventure. 
Lily Grace had her bathrobe, her chair and her hot chocolate all ready to go.
Later that afternoon we went hiking on a new-to-us trail. 
Our family loves hiking together and the kids had such a blast.
Liam climbed all over the place and played with leaves and rocks until he just couldn't hang any longer..

The next few days were pretty much the same-- jumping in leaves, hiking and playing in the new playground in the town. One morning we walked around the town to look at some of the Halloween decorations and LG found the spooky ghosts hanging from the trees.
And these ridiculous pumpkins 😂
We found a new favorite dessert spot, Blue Deer Cookies. They make their own homemade cookie sandwiches and holy moly... they were incredible. Just looking at this picture makes me want another. I got snickerdoodle with vanilla ice cream.
And this picture right here pretty much sums up our trip. Just a wonderful, casual, comfy and very happy weekend. 
I hope you all had a nice weekend too. I can't believe this weekend is Halloween.. and then come Sunday morning, it's the most wonderful time of the year!! 

Devin is rolling his eyes at me wanting the Christmas season already but I say there's no reason to be limiting happiness and cheer in 2020, this year has been rough enough! When does your family start celebrating the holiday season?

I hope you have a great day, see you back here Wednesday. 😁


  1. What beautiful breakfast views! Sounds like a wonderful little getaway.

    1. It was so nice and peaceful! It definitely helped to break up the monotony of life at home/Devin working from home/not really going anywhere.

  2. This weekend looks AMAZING! We typically start putting up christmas decor the middle of November, but I have a feeling it might be this weekend this year.. I'm ready for that holiday cheer and the Grinch playing 24/7 :)

    1. Same!! Why not do it early and enjoy it a little longer?

  3. I always appreciate fall scenes. You got some great shots, and I'm sure it was even more beautiful in person.

    1. It really was! Especially the sunrise that first morning :)

  4. What a beautiful getaway! Such a scenic place to visit! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road