Friday, October 2, 2020

What I'm Priming-- September Edition

 Good morning friends! It's time for the monthly roundup of what I've been priming. We didn't get a whole lot this month, but I know with Prime Day coming up in October that may be a different story next month! Are you all looking at anything in particular for Prime Day? Devin is trying to convince me we need to get a Ring security system, but I like the one we currently have... do any of you have a Ring? What are your thoughts? 

I'd love any input you have on Ring-- good or bad!

My parents are hoping to get a Roku for one of their TV's that isn't a smart TV. We bought ours on Prime Day either last year or two years ago and have loved it! 

But onto what I bought in the month of September:

iPhone Case-- So you know how I've had a Google Pixel for years and have loved it?? Super long story but I ended up leaving our old service and needed to get a new phone. I ended up with an iPhone 11 Pro and obviously needed a new case for it. This one was simple, pretty and inexpensive. Good enough for me!

Screen Protectors-- I had this same brand of screen protectors for my old phone and thought they were great, so I picked up the iPhone 11 Pro version for my new phone. So far so good! If you need a screen protector I highly recommend this brand! They have tutorial videos for how to best put them on in order to get them 

Kauai Coffee-- Does this surprise anyone that I ordered more coffee? 😂 We finally bit the bullet and signed up for the subscribe and save option since we go through so much! This is still my favorite coffee-- not only do I love the flavor but it reminds me of our honeymoon every time I drink a cup. It's where I first tasted it and I loved it then too 😊

Variety Pack of K-Cups-- While 99% of the time we use our reusable k cup filters and pour our Kauai coffee in, sometimes I'm in the mood for something different. That's where the variety pack comes in! This is also easier for whenever we have guests over who want a cup of coffee, they can grab whatever they're in the mood for. 

2 Pack of Zip Up Hoodies-- Now that it's fall, we need an extra layer of clothes for Liam for our morning walks/runs. It's usually warmed up by the afternoon, but the mornings are chilly enough for a little zip-up sweater. I don't typically like clothes that have a bunch of "stuff" on them (i.e. graphic tees, anything with words, etc.). These are simple and perfect for what we needed. 

What was one thing you bought this month?? Are you looking to buy anything in particular on Prime Day?? Leave me a comment and tell me below!

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  1. Can I ask what security system you currently have? I just got the ring doorbell a couple weeks ago and am liking it so far!

  2. Oh I forgot that my husband has been wanting a Roku for our basement TV. I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

  3. My husband is Ring OBSESSED. We have the doorbell, security system, and 2 spotlight cams (backyard and driveway)! We love it! and we LOVE that it connects to our amazon echo show and it will tell us someone is at the front door and show the camera view!