Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Fall Family Pics-- Outfit Choices 2020

Good morning friends! It's that time of year again where we start thinking "what on Earth we are going to wear for our fall family pictures?!" At least I do 😊 Our fall pictures are just a few weeks away and I have started piecing together what we are going to wear. I have already purchased most of our stuff, now I just need to lay it all out and make sure if all looks good together, without being too matchy-matchy. Here is the look we are going for this year:

I was thinking a navy/olive green/khaki vibe with some denim to dress it down a bit.

Mom: Green Scalloped Tank/White Pleated Skirt/Denim Jacket

Dad: Khakis/Gingham Button Down/Sweater

Girl: Dress/Denim Jacket/Boots

Boy: Pants with Suspenders/Button Down/Sweater

I only did one little collage this year since we already had most of our stuff purchased, but if you want to see the collages I had set up for last year you can here:

Coordinating Outfits for Family Pictures

and then our family pictures from 2018 here:

Fall Family Pictures 

Do you take family pictures together each year? I love to look back at the older pictures and see how little my sweet kiddos were!

Thanks for stopping by-- see you back here tomorrow for a recipe!


  1. OMG the little suspenders!! How cute.
    This is a good reminder, I usually like to get our photos done (with the tripod not a professional) soon so I can get our Christmas cards ordered.

  2. I'm currently looking at all the inspiration as well! we have our fall photos and 3rd birthday photos at the end of the month. I stress out so much about photo outfits lol! I think I'm going with the skirt combo too :)

  3. We took a family photo last year and I had intended to start having them taken every year but I just don't know that we'll get it done again this year. Great color scheme you've got going on. We had all maroon and gray and denim with ours which was pretty against all the brown and golds of the trees.