Friday, November 13, 2020

Gift Guide for Adults

Good morning friends! I hope you've all had a good week. This week flew by-- I can't believe it's already Friday! Earlier this week in my Not Just a Mom post I mentioned that I would be putting together a little gift guide of things I've already purchased/plan to purchase for our family. I separated them by categories in order to help make it a little easier for you to navigate. Hopefully you come away from this list with a few ideas! 

Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Get Cozy: 

Isn't that everyone?

Ceramic Diffuser-- I thought this ceramic diffuser was adorable! I selected the "medallion" style because that was more my taste, but there are other options available. I love the ability to put a scent in and walk away knowing it's safe-- unlike a candle. This can give your house/apartment that good smell without any safety concerns. 

- Christmas Tea-- This multi-pack of tea bags is one of my all time favorites! I am normally a coffee drinker throughout most of the year, but something about the holiday season makes me love a warm cup of tea. I like that this kit has a lot of decaf options because a good cup of tea before bed while I read is one of my favorite things! 

Scratch Off Movie Poster-- I stumbled across this scratch off movie poster after clicking around on Lindsay's Gift Guide and then browsing. I have some family members who are big movie buffs and this seemed like a fun gift to get them. I figured even if they've already seen some of these movies, they can sit down and watch them again together. That sounds like a fun family bonding activity.

For Someone Who Likes to Cook/Loves Kitchen Gadgets:

- Milk Frother-- I was over at my girlfriend Hannah's house a few weeks ago and she made us each a cup of coffee and then frothed the milk with one of these. Not only did her homemade coffee taste like a latte, but it was so dang easy! She did it in seconds! I knew immediately this was going to be a gift I gave out to several people this year. Even if you don't like coffee, it would make your hot chocolate extra creamy and frothy too. 

- Lemon Juicer-- My mom has one of these and it is much easier than the juicer we have at home. I grabbed one of these for myself, but grabbed a few for some family members too. If you have a family member who loves to cook, this would make a great stocking stuffer!

- Pineapple Corer-- You've heard me all talk about my love for this thing a million times, and it is a gift I've given multiple times. Every single person I've given this too has commented on how much more fresh pineapple they eat now! I love this thing!

- Rotary Cheese Grater-- This is another tool my mom has that I love. It just makes grating cheese much easier and more enjoyable. 

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel:

Where to Go When Book-- I posted on Monday that I bought this book for Devin last year and it has become one of his favorites to reference back to. It's great for telling you when are the best times to travel to certain places due to weather/crowds/cultural experiences/etc. Even though none of us are planning to travel imminently, it's nice to flip through and daydream about when we are able to travel again. 

- Atlas of the National Parks -- This book is great because for many of us there is a national park within driving distance from our homes. Getting outside and getting some fresh air in some of the most beautiful parts of our country is always a great idea. 

- SanDisk Xpand Flash Drive for Photo/Video Backup-- This flash drive connects directly to your iPhone to back up all of your photos/videos. We all take a lot of pictures on our phones, but storing them on the cloud has it's issues (ahem, out of storage, ahem). I have an opinion about giving Apple even more of my money over something they should do for free (my Google Pixel stored a lot more pictures and videos for free!). If you'd rather store your pictures and videos somewhere other than the cloud, this is a great gift. Especially for someone who takes a lot of pictures!

- Travel Gift Card-- I know we aren't traveling right now, but that doesn't mean the day won't come again when we will. A great way to give a travel fanatic a little help towards their next trip is to buy a gift card. This one is to AirB&B (they could even do a stay-cation!), but you could do whatever works for the person you're buying for.

- Landmarks of the World Coloring Book-- An easy way to escape without leaving the couch is through a travel coloring book. This is a great way to relax and learn about some cool new places at the same time.

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Great list! That Scratch Off Movie Poster would make a great gift for my daughter and her husband.

    1. Thanks!! There's just something anything scratch off that makes it fun!