Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

 Hi there! Before we begin today I want to kick off this Thanksgiving season by telling you how thankful I am for YOU! You have made this blogging hobby of mine so much more fun by interacting and engaging with me through my posts, comments, emails, and messages on Instagram. Today I am piggybacking off of Erika's post yesterday by doing a giveaway on Instagram. I am hoping to buy a handful of you a cup of coffee in appreciation for all you've done to make this blog of mine even more special to me. Check out my Instagram stories to enter! My handle is @dontmindourmess See you there 😁
What We're Eating This Week: Well other than the obvious Thanksgiving meal on Thursday and delicious leftovers on Friday, we are trying to eat somewhat healthy around here. Tonight we are having my favorite Zuppa Toscana. 
It is a combination of a bunch of recipes and then I threw some extra stuff in there too, the recipe will be posted to the blog tomorrow.
What I'm Reminiscing About: Oh man, this one is bittersweet. Two years ago today Devin and I were here:
In Bali. Living. It. Up.
Relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Eating some incredibly fresh local fruit. Exploring a culture very different from our own. 
My phone keeps sending my flashback/TimeHop pics and while I would do just about anything to be relaxing on a beach right about now, I am also very happy and content with how sweet our life is here at home too. 
What I'm Loving: Our little man finally started walking this week and it has been such a blessing to get to see life through his eyes now. Everything is exciting to him, even the most simple things. It's so sweet to see! He has never been a big napper, even as a little baby. But now that he is on the move, he has been taking 3+ hour naps every single day. AMEN TO THAT!!
What We've Been Up To: The construction on our house is moving right along! 
We got our hardwood floors and cabinets in...
And the countertops/sink are being installed as you read this! Things are progressing a lot more quickly now and I am over the moon 😁 I cannot wait for the hood to be installed and the floating shelves. It's amazing to see my dream kitchen come to life in this teeny tiny house-- I never thought it was possible to have a "big" kitchen here! But now we get the best of both worlds: we get to stay in our house in our favorite area AND we get to enjoy a newly updated home. Oh, and in case you're wondering what our kitchen looked like beforehand... here ya go:
Different angle, but it feels like a completely different house, right? You can check out the video tour of our home here.
What I'm Dreading: While the schools around here have been doing a great job keeping everyone safe, Lily Grace's preschool had their first positive case last week. I'm nervous that this is just the beginning and we are going to get shut down again.   My former school still hasn't had any cases though, so I'm hoping maybe the one positive at LG's will be the only one. What are schools looking like where you live?
What I'm Working On: My life has become all about faucets/light fixtures/paint colors etc. lately. It sounds boring, but honestly I love it! I am having a blast browsing Pinterest for inspiration and doing a little online shopping. Every once in awhile I get overwhelmed by something (ahem, faucets, ahem) and need to take a break. Who knew there were so many choices for faucets? As Devin keeps pointing out, all it really needs to do is work and look decent, which they all do, so who really cares? I wish I had a little more of his attitude towards it 😂
What I'm Excited About: I am SO excited to get away for a few days to Blowing Rock for Thanksgiving. We have been taking extra precaution the past few weeks as we knew we were going to be around loved ones and I just cannot wait to hug them. It'll be so nice to get to spend actual time with them again instead of just via FaceTime. 
What I'm Watching/Reading: I have read some great books this month! 
I am just wrapping up A Man Called Ove which was recommended by a close friend and it is just the sweetest, most heartwarming read. Perfect for right now. Ove is your classic grumpy old man who complains about everything under the sun. Then some loud, obnoxious (to Ove) new neighbors move in and turn his grumpy little world upside down. It's precious. I also love that the author was a blogger who ended up writing a book that became a best seller. I love when other bloggers go on to do great things!
As for what we are watching, we finished the Queen's Gambit and now all of a sudden have become obsessed with chess 😂 Anyone else? I LOVED this show. The storyline/plot were unique. The acting was incredible. But my favorite part, hands down, were the costumes! Oh my gosh I loved every single one of Beth's outfits (starting like mid-season). Devin started joking with me because every time it would change scenes I'd say "I would totally wear that". Apparently guys don't think like that when they watch TV 😂
What I'm Listening To: The season for Michael Buble Holiday on Pandora is here!! It is what we are listening to pretty much nonstop around here. That and "Vintage Christmas" on Pandora.
What I'm Wearing: Bear with me here because these pictures are old, but I have been wearing these same few outfits pretty much in rotation. 
Jeans/T Shirt/Sweater/Scarf/Shoes
Clearly an old picture 😊 Jeans/Long Sleeve Tee/Jacket/Scarf

Sweater/Vest (this one is a couple years old but they have other colors or this similar one on Amazon)/Jeans/Boots
What I'm Doing This Weekend: At some point during Thanksgiving weekend I will be running the Virtual Turkey Trot. I am pumped to get outside and do something healthy for my body before I go and stuff it with too much food. 😜 My "swag" came (my race shirt and medal) and Lily Grace has had fun playing with the medal all week. Apparently it's hers, not mine. 
This picture makes my runner's heart so happy. Who knows, maybe one day this girl and I will run a half marathon together. 😊

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: More progress on the house and celebrating all the fun that the holiday season brings. It is most likely going to be very different this year, but I've learned to let expectations go out the window and to be grateful for the things we do have.
What Else is New: We had our family pictures taken! If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, have a look here.

Thanks for following along today! I can't wait to catch up with all of you and see what you've been up to too! And don't forget to swing on over to Instagram to enter for a cup of Starbucks coffee! I'd love to treat you to a latte as a "thank you" for reading along with me. 


  1. Have fun with your giveaway. Our kids have been in person five days a week and while there have definitely been cases within the schools (which shut down a cohort for two weeks), there have only been three outbreaks declared in our 105 elementary schools in three months. An "outbreak" is called when cases are considered linked due to being in school. I feel like we're doing pretty well but I pray every time I get a new email that there hasn't been a case declared in my kids' cohorts.

  2. what a beautiful family you have... so exciting, all the fun stuff going on with your house.

  3. I hope you have a great getaway! I'd love to go to Bali someday.

  4. Those photos of Bali look amazing! How great that your little guy is walking and tiring himself right out. We've had three isolated cases over the past 10 weeks in our school but so far since they are isolated we've stayed in hybrid mode. Hopefully your daughter's school will be the same way.

  5. Beautiful pictures of Bali! Our school is still going strong in GA. We have had a few classrooms shutdown for quarantine, but overall it's been good! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your little family! :)

  6. I have also been looking at past vacation photos!
    Our school (Toronto public school) had 3 cases (two students and one support staff) but there was no spread within the school and although a bit hectic at the beginning, our principal and vice-principal handled it like champs.
    I thought the wallpaper in Queen's Gambit was a supporting character. It's back in style although we would probably just do one feature wall or a powder room, not the entire room with matching curtains and bedding!

  7. Your house is coming together beautifully!! Ah what I would give to go to Bali right now!!

    Ella Williams