Monday, November 16, 2020

Life Lately

 Hi friends! I hope you had a nice weekend. Our Saturday was super busy and then Sunday was a whole bunch of nothing-- it was perfect! I wanted to give you a little update at what life has looked like around here lately. 

Well first of all we are in the midst of renovation craziness over here. I swear 80% of my conversations these days are about light fixtures/sinks/faucets/hardwood floors/paint colors. I'm sure I'm very interesting to talk to... not! 😂

Drywall is up!

The hood is ready to go
Drywall is done downstairs too.

The slow and steady portion of the renovation is behind us and now all of a sudden things have started picking up again. Our contractor has us set up on the BuilderTrend app and he regularly updates the calendar to let us know where we are with the renovation. It's nice to know when everything is going in without having to text him all the time. Here's a look at the rest of November:

Other than the renovations, we have pretty much spent most of our time cooking, baking, and therefore eating! I'm pretty sure we have a solid head start on gaining our holiday weight. 😂 Lily Grace is old enough now that she wants to help in the kitchen. I have been giving her a dull knife to help chop some of the vegetables for our dinners. Here she is chopping some green onions:
For our Mango Tofu Bowls (these were soooo good!):
And here she is chopping mushrooms:
And then baking brownies:
Meanwhile Liam is content to just pull every single Tupperware container out of the cabinet and put them back in. Then pull them out again, and put them back in again. 😁
Really, if anyone is ever looking for Liam around here there's a good chance he's bypassed all of his toys and decided to destroy the Tupperware cabinet. There's nothing he can break/damage/hurt himself with so we just let him go to town.

Why do we bother buying toys at this age?

I have been trying to keep up with training for the Virtual Turkey Trot. So far so good! I may not be able to get my run in on the day/time I plan, but I still squeeze them in one way or another. It feels good to get back into a fitness routine again.

I saw one of the moms on our local mom Facebook group post that our Aldi had some really great Advent calendars, so I swung by to check them out. I was really impressed not only by the options available but the price! I ended up getting the kids these book Advent calendars:

Frozen for LG and generic Disney characters for Liam.

 Inside is a different book for each day, and they are actually decent little stories! 24 books for only $9.99. It wasn't hard to sell me on these. 

We also pulled out our Little People Nativity and the kids have been playing with it nonstop. Liam loves to make animal noises for the animals.

That's pretty much what's been going on around here! Nothing too crazy exciting, mostly just hanging out around the house, obsessing over renovations, and eating 😁. Hope you all have a good week!


  1. I love having kids help out in the kitchen!! Or rather, I'm happy to have them help my husband, I don't like the mess!! Haha.
    Our Sunday School nursery has that Fisher Price nativity and my kids have always been fans. We got the Playmobil version last year and we're excited to build it again soon.

    1. Oh I saw the Playmobil version at our local toy store last year and it looked adorable!

  2. We bought the same frozen advent calendar and I'm so excited for it!

  3. Those advent calendars are so cute!

  4. That pasta dish looks yummy! And I think that is the universal age for Tupperware infatuations. But how lucky he actually puts it back in again! We love our Little People nativity too. Have a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving!