Friday, December 11, 2020

A Day in the Life of Us-- December 2020

Hi there! I hope you all had a good week and are looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. On Wednesday I grabbed pictures throughout the day to show you what a typical "Day in the Life of Us" looks like around here lately. Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a recap of Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.
So normally I set my alarm for 5:15 each morning, but somehow I had accidentally turned the volume down on my alarm the night before-- yikes! Luckily I naturally woke up at 5:30 anyway so I was only a little bit late getting my day started. Do you all do that? Do you wake up at the same time everyday naturally? Or are you dead asleep until your alarm goes off? I went out to the sunroom, turned on my twinkle lights and soft music, and had my quiet time. I like to start my day with my gratitude journal from the day before, my prayers, and having a look at my calendar. Then, I headed to the gym:
I was running a little later than usual, but was able to squeeze a quick 2 mile run in before I had to get back. By the way, if any of you are runners who are anxious about running with a mask, please please don't give up! Our YMCA requires masks at all times and initially I was a little concerned so I only ran outside instead. Last week I tried running on the treadmill for the first time and struggled. I went home feeling so defeated. It's hard when something you are naturally "good" at is hard due to something outside your control. So I went home, read several articles about running with a mask (apparently I wasn't the only runner struggling-- there were quite a few articles!). I felt better about lowering my expectations and just setting out to move even a little bit, it was going to be a learning curve I'd just have to get used to. So long story short, don't give up! You'll get used to it.
The sun was just starting to come up as I was leaving the Y. I thought the sky looked so pretty! I had to run by Publix real quick because we were out of a few things..
Then I came home and made papaya boats-- my new favorite breakfast!
The two kiddos woke up while I was making my papaya boat. I tried to grab a picture with the little one but as you can see, getting him to stay still long enough for a picture is a struggle!
It's easier to grab a picture when they're strapped into their highchair and booster seat 😊
I took a quick shower, threw my hair up in a messy bun and put some clothes on. We were headed out to run a few errands today so I needed to be comfortable but still wanted to look somewhat put together.
This entire outfit is J Crew Factory. I'm a creature of habit πŸ˜‰
First stop: return some books at the library! Can we talk about how adorable this library is? My parents live in Matthews, NC which is about 15-20 minutes south of where we live in Charlotte. It is the sweetest, most picturesque little town. After the library, we headed to IKEA. I saw a fun IKEA hack on TikTok that I wanted to try and checked online to make sure they had what I needed. 
We arrived, got buckled in to the double stroller and were ready to shop! Mask brought to you by J Crew Factory, of course. πŸ˜‚. We saw our item in the store and I snapped a pic of the tag. 
We saw the basket I wanted all over the store, probably no less than a dozen times..
Then we got to the Home Organization section... and they were all gone. Sold out. I asked an employee if I could have one of the display ones and she said no, they were display only. 😑 I won't lie to you, I backtracked and I tried to go take a display one anyway. I found a few but they were nailed down to the shelves/carpets/whatever they were sitting on. Literally nailed down! I left feeling frustrated and knew a little Chick-fil-a would make everything better. So we grabbed  Chick-fil-a for lunch...
and then I thought I put the kiddos down for a nap. I painted my nails real quick and noticed on the monitor that while Liam was sleeping soundly in his crib, Lily Grace wasn't in her bed...
So I opened the door to find that she had taken her pillowcase off her pillow and put it on like a sleeping bag. She had also put on a princess dress, of course! πŸ˜‚ She told me she was going to "camp out" for her nap and sleep in her sleeping bag. In other words, "I'm not sleeping today".
Usually our drill when she doesn't nap is that she has to play quietly in her room. She reads books, does a few puzzles, etc. So I tackled a mountain of laundry...
And then got a little blogging done.
Then Dev came home from work a little early (around 4) and noticed we had two packages sitting on the front porch-- the lights for above our island came in! Needless to say I was super excited.
When we went to Bali a few years ago we fell in love with the nature-inspired decor there and I knew I wanted to add some of that to our home. These light shades are handmade by artisans living in Bali-- it makes me so happy to see them and think about that trip. 
This is the vibe we were going for with the lights above the island, except ours are a different shape:
Quick update on our house: our move in date has been pushed back another 2 weeks. It sounds like some of the manufacturers are struggling to get the products in right now due to COVID. We are just trying to be patient and are so grateful for the fact that we have a wonderful temporary home to be in and aren't worried about dealing with extending a lease somewhere had we rented. 

Anyway so then it was close to dinner but we realized nobody was hungry since we had a late lunch and had been snacking in the afternoon. I whipped up a super lazy easy dinner, we call it The Leftover Smorgasbord. We basically just put a bunch of leftover food on a large cutting board, put that on a Lazy Susan, and let everybody pick and choose what they want to eat. This night we had some rotisserie chicken, some meat/cheese pinwheels, some cornbread muffins, strawberries, and veggie chips. A random hodgepodge but it was easy and everybody ate it right up!
The benefit of LG not napping in the afternoons is that she falls asleep at the same time as Liam: 6:30. So while it can make for a long afternoon, it makes for a very easy bedtime! Both kids were tucked in, read to and lights out by 6:30! Devin and I watched a movie and snuggled up:
And we had the fire going right next to us. It was the perfect end to the day!

So that was our day! Wednesday, December 9th looked like a pretty typical day around here. Busy, but wonderful. 😊

I hope you all have a great weekend! Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. See you back here Monday for the last Not Just A Mom for 2020, with some big announcements of who will be joining us for NJAM in 2021!


  1. What a fun day!! I accidentally turned my alarm down, but somehow managed to wake up fifteen minutes after it went off! Lily Grace and Liam are just too cute!! I love the camping out, I totally used to do that! πŸ˜‚ Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. So lucky you woke up on time!! You must be like me and used to waking up. Thanks Abby!

  2. I would have been so frustrated with that Ikea experience...ugh! Love the new lights from Bali. Your kids are cute as can be. Have a good weekend.

    1. I was SO annoyed! Why do they need a dozen on display? Can't they sell the display ones until they get more in? I had a lot of opinions... and thanks!

  3. So many great things about this post - I don't work out a gym (they are all closed here), but I appreciate the encourage about doing so with a mask. I love that you went back to try and take a display item at Ikea, hilarious! I would probably do that too. Also, nothing better than an early bedtime and long evening with your spouse. Happy Friday!

    1. I was frustrated by how many display ones they had! Do they really need that many on display? If you won't sell it, don't display it! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, Lauren! I just discovered your blog through the linkup. I love day in the life posts! They are something entertaining to us readers, and they will be so fun to look back on in the future. Merry Christmas!

    1. I agree!! I love reading other people's Day in the Life posts and I love to look back at my own and see how tiny my kids were!

  5. Loved reading about your day! I am looking for a shade similar to the one from Bali but I found one at IKEA that I want. I might need to reconsider :).

    1. Hahaha I bet I know exactly which one you're thinking because I wanted to see it while I was at the store to compare to the Bali ones. Of course, they were sold out of those too! But don't you know they had those lights on display all over the store. I was so frustrated with IKEA that day!

  6. I love reading posts like these! So fun to see how others spend their days. That library is beautiful!! I wish mine looked like that. ��

  7. That does sound like a lovely day! I used to have my boys spent "quiet time" in their rooms each afternoons once they gave up napping too.

  8. I don't wake up until someone is yelling "MAMA!!!" lol the best alarm clock ;)