Wednesday, February 3, 2021

5 Random Things and A House Sneak Peak

 Good morning! I have seen on Erika's blog a couple times where she does "5 Things" and I love the randomness. This week as I was thinking "what do I want to write about" my brain kept dumping out a bunch of scattered thoughts. I decided to roll with it and just like Erika, share my 5 assorted thoughts. I also have one sneak peak picture for your of our renovation as we are slowly moving back in! 

1. Zillow.

Apparently I am not the only one "Zillow Surfing" these days. Zillow is one of my favorite apps, and I could easily spend an hour just browsing other houses. I love to see how other people decorate their homes. It's like Pinterest, but real life people instead of everything feeling so staged (as Pinterest can do). I also love to see how much house you get for your money in random places around the country. Like what kind of house can you get for $500,000 in Asheville, NC vs. Scottsdale, AZ. I love to look at old historic homes and see how people have fixed them up over the years too. And of course, I love to look at properties on the beach and daydream about the day I win the lottery, like this picture above. It runs a casual 35 million. Pocket change, right? 😉

2. Puzzles.

The #1 thing I am most excited about when we get settled back into our house? Doing a big puzzle on our table with our wood burning fireplace crackling in the background. We have been staying at my parents house in Matthews, NC during the renovation and they have a gas fireplace. The gas is definitely more convenient, but there is just something special about a wood burning one. I think you either love a wood burning fireplace or hate it, but I am definitely in the "love" category. I am really looking forward to hearing that crackle and feeling the warmth as we put together a puzzle. This one above is one of our favorites and will probably be the one we do first.

3. Kirklands.

One of the places we have been looking to buy some new stuff for our house has been Kirklands. Do you have a Kirklands near you? I LOVE it. We grabbed a few of these stools for our island but I easily could've spent a lot more there! The prices are great and I love the style of the furniture/decor. 

4. Travel. 

Where will you travel first when the pandemic ends? I stumbled across this article last week and it got me to daydreaming about the days we can travel again. I have been pushing Hawaii hard over here. Yes, it's a long flight for young kids, but there is so much to do there that the whole family would enjoy. Devin's vote is Patagonia.

A lot less kid friendly, but would undoubtedly make for a fun trip. 

5. Baking.

Remember in the beginning of the pandemic when everyone was baking all the time and we all joked that we would gain "the quarantine 15"? Well the Darrell family is back into the non-stop baking and are making progress towards that "quarantine 15" gain 😂. But honestly it's been so cold and rainy here, something about a warm, freshly baked muffin/brownie/etc just sounds so good. And with everything around us closed again, we are always looking for something to do. Lily Grace loves to bake (and is actually pretty darn good at it for a 3 year old!) and Liam loves to be the taste tester 😊 Last week we made brownies, a carrot cake and blueberry muffins. Time to counteract that with some with exercise-- hah!

And now for the reason you're probably here: a house update! I had high hopes of taking another empty house video tour when we moved back in, but since some rooms were finished before others, we kinda slowly moved back in. We are planning to film a quick video of the main rooms that were renovated and share next week, but in the meantime here was our almost finished kitchen at the end of last week:

This project has gone on long enough. I am so ready to be finally 100% back into our home.

Thanks for stopping by today! Maybe go make yourself some warm blueberry muffins today 😉


  1. Hadley loves to bake too! I love that she can independently do so, but I hate it for my waistline! haha Your kitchen is beautiful!

  2. I am dying to go to Patagonia!! Also Hawaii :)

  3. I love looking at Zillow to see how people with similar homes in our area decorate their homes. I agree too that Pinterest is great and all, but they're starting to all look the same! Or like how a lot of these homes are in a different area, and they can get away with no ceiling fans, so they have beautiful light fixtures in their bedrooms/living rooms, but there's no way we could not have a ceiling fan in south Texas.

    We've always had wood burning fireplaces until our recent house and I love that with the gas, we can just flip a switch and it's lit. I agree, it's not the same but soooooo easy and less messy.

  4. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE OF THE HOUSE! Beautiful! Also, my husband and I live on zillow :P