Monday, February 8, 2021

Not Just a Mom: Healthy Habits and Staying Motivated

Good morning everyone and welcome to February's Not Just a Mom link up! Today Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne, Sarah and I are discussing some of our healthy habits and how we stay motivated. 

I am so happy we chose to do this one in February. I don't know about you, but I know for me it is a lot harder to motivate myself to get out of my cozy bed and get to the gym when the temperatures are freezing cold. It is much easier on days like this:

I am always looking for new ideas to motivate myself to get a workout in and can't wait to read your tips. I put together 6 ideas I have found that help me, so hopefully they can help you too!

1. Don't Think About It, Just Do It-- Have you ever found yourself debating whether or not to work out only to see 30 minutes has gone by? I used to do this all. the. time. I would think "hmmm.. should I go now or after work?" or "maybe after I eat" or "well now I have to digest my food a bit"... the next thing I knew 30 minutes or more had gone by and had I just done the workout in the first place, I would've been done already! My #1 tip is always JUST GET IT OVER WITH. Stop debating it. Just go. I have never once regretted going for a workout. It may not always be my best, but at least I tried. 

2. Schedule It-- I am a little strict when it comes to scheduling my workouts. I know if I schedule it into my calendar just like I would any other appointment, I am more likely to do it. Back when I was doing classes at the gym, I would look up my favorite instructors and the times for their classes. Then I would pick 2-3 and put them on my calendar. If it was an instructor I loved, I was more likely to go. Having a plan in place made it more likely for me to go to the classes I liked. Nowadays with COVID my classes are online in an "on demand" type or setting. So if I want to do my favorite teacher Rian's yoga class, I can do it whenever/wherever. There's really no excuse for skipping it now!

3. Find a Time of Day That Works For You-- For me, first thing in the morning is the only time I can consistently get a workout in. If I wait until later in the day, something inevitably comes up. I have friends though who prefer to go after work in order to decompress after a long day. Find a time of day that is best for your schedule and stick to it!

4. Prepare in Advance-- Half the times I plan to go to the gym and don't end up going, it's because I failed to plan ahead. For example, I wanted to go after work but forgot to pack my running shoes. Or I wanted to go first thing in the morning but all my gym clothes are in the dirty laundry. It always helps if you plan ahead and set everything out the night before. If I need to do a load of laundry, I can do it that night and not have to worry about an "oh shoot, where is my ___?" in the morning. 

5. Find a Partner-- Find a partner to workout with-- even if it can't be in person! Two of my best friends and I used to do mini-triathlons together and we would text each other about our progress in training for the workouts. I'm such a people-pleaser that having somebody else help hold me accountable definitely motivates me to workout-- I don't want to let them down!

6. Buy Yourself Something New-- When all else fails, buy yourself something that'll make you happy/confident to put on. Maybe it's a new pair of running shorts, or a new sports bra, or even a swimsuit you are hoping to wear this summer. Sometimes that little extra motivation needs to come from something external and that's okay too!

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  1. I like #6! I agree, having something new to promote your healthy lifestyle is a good motivator.

  2. Yes, I struggle the most in Feb & March! Come spring I am so happy to be outside everyday gardening, hiking, walking.

    1. Agreed! Outside time in spring is my absolute favorite. It's so much easier to make healthy choices then :)

  3. Yes to scheduling a workout.... I make it a part of my morning.

  4. You have many great tips! I have to schedule workouts as well/make it a part of my routine too. If it's on my to do list, I will most likely get it done! And, yes--buying new workout wear helps me feel more motivated. Sorry, not sorry! haha

  5. Great tips!!! You are right about scheduling it in and then just doing it.