Monday, February 15, 2021

Spa From Home Night

 Hi there! A couple weeks ago one of my best friends Sam and I had a "spa night" at home. Think face masks, mani/pedis, good snacks and a little red wine. It was a blast and we keep talking about how we can't wait to do it again. I thought I'd share some of the things we did/items we used with you in case this sounds like something you'd like to do too! Whatever it takes to make staying home sound fun these days, am I right? 

Hydrating Hand Gloves-- I don't know about you, but my hands have been extra dry lately from all the hand washing and cold weather. These made my hands feel silky smooth again. An added bonus is how good they smell. I will say, there was a little extra liquid on my hands after I took the gloves off, but I just wiped it on my legs (which were also dry) and they soaked it right up!


Exfoliating Foot Masks-- These were incredible! You put these little sock-like masks on your feet, let them soak for 30 minutes and then take them off. You won't notice a difference for several days, but then your dead skin starts to peel off leaving your feet feeling super smooth and soft. My feet really did look like the foot in the picture-- not cute at first but worth it in the end! You might want to warn anyone in your family who may see your peeling feet though. I hadn't told Devin that Sam and I did these and I kicked my slippers off and put my feet up on the ottoman... I wish I had a picture of his face when he saw my skin peeling off 😂😂. It still makes me laugh just to think about it. 


Gel Polish-- I have written about my love for the gel top coat before and I still swear by it. It dries faster than regular polish and it keeps my nails looking shiny and chip-free for longer. After Sam and I did our mani/pedis we used this top coat.


Face Sheet Masks-- A different friend had recommended these masks and after seeing how many positive reviews they had, I figured I'd give them a shot. 

The items above are the ones we did at our friend spa night, but I tried to think about how I might do it differently if I was recreating this by myself at home. Here is what I would do if trying to have a solo spa night: 

- Pour myself a tall glass of water with a cucumber slice or two in it. Cucumber water and spas just seem to go together. 

- Put some lavender essential oil in my diffuser or light a scented candle.

- Close the bathroom door and let the hot water run for a few minutes to steam up the bathroom. Voila, my own little steam room!

- Use a body scrub in the shower. I have this mango coconut scrub and love how it smells.  

- I always sleep with an eye mask because I keep the baby monitor on my nightstand and the light is too bright, but you could try putting on a mask to listen to some calming music or a guided meditation. If you like the eye mask, try sleeping with it! You might find you sleep better.

Does a spa night at home sound like something you'd be interested in?? I mean who doesn't love feeling relaxed and refreshed, right?

Thanks for reading along today! I hope you have a great week.


  1. Mmm a spa night sounds so nice!! So glad that you and your girlfriends were able to have some relaxing time to yourselves!!

  2. A spa night sounds amazing! It’s awesome that you got to treat yourself!