Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Our Coffee Bar Area

Last month Shay and Erika did a coffee bar theme for their "Let's Look" link up, but at the time, we still weren't back in our house. I may have missed the link up for it, but figured it would still be fun to show our current coffee bar setup anyway... and for you to see my OCD side come out a little bit 😂.

 Our current coffee bar setup is pretty straightforward:


First of all, our Keurig coffee pot. We've had the same one for like 6-7 years, but it still works like a charm!

I keep a handful of K-cups out for guests who want to help themselves and make a cup, or whenever I'm in the mood for something a little different. We usually use our reusable k-cup with some disposable filters, but keep a handful of the regular ones around just in case. 


Our coffee cups and teacups are above the Keurig.


And then the drawer below the Keurig is our designated spot for coffee/tea/hot chocolate. This isn't even all of it, we keep our backup stash in another drawer. 😬 I usually drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning, and then switch to tea or hot chocolate around bedtime, especially in the winter months. Something about a warm cup of something helps me to feel all nice and cozy before bed. Especially when snuggled up with a good book! 

Thanks for reading along! On Friday I plan to post more pictures of the kitchen with a lot more details! See you then!


  1. I LOVE your countertops and backsplash!! And the elephant cute!!

  2. I miss having a keurig and being able to mix up the flavors every time.