Friday, February 19, 2021

Taking a Blogging Break

Hey there! So I had a different post all set to go out today but these past two weeks have had us totally beat and to be honest-- I think I need a little blogging break for a week or so. 

Its funny because this feels so true lately!

Devin went back to work in person a couple weeks ago, you know, right as we were moving back in to our house. Which is fine of course, I am very grateful he has a job that he loves, but it also means every single cup, plate, article of clothing, toy, piece of artwork, etc. has been moved back into this house and unpacked by yours truly... while also taking care of two young children. I realize I could've waited until he got home to ask him to help, but he was tired too! I didn't want to dump anything on him when he walked in the door. Then this week we had one kiddo exposed to COVID and the other kiddo get a bad head cold and not sleep well the whole week. Needless to say, this mama is exhausted. 

So I'm punting the post that was supposed to go out today, and saving it for a week or two from now. I'm hoping that once I feel like I have my feet on solid ground again everything will be back to normal. 

Please don't come away from this post thinking I'm complaining! I know I have absolutely nothing to complain about, which has become even more apparent this week after reading the news. I am very grateful to be in a home that has electricity and water. I am also grateful that we haven't had any extreme weather. I am grateful that my family still has their health. I am grateful that Devin still has a job he loves. This list could go on and on, thank the Lord.

My plan is to be back here March 1st, but maybe I'll be ready to pop back on here before then. Who knows? Until then I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and warm. See you again soon. 😊


  1. Aww, I am going to miss reading your posts! I hope you have a wonderful blogging break!

  2. Don't make excuses, you can take a break because you feel exhausted, no explanation required. I do the same thing, where I always want to make the declaration that I know I am very fortunate so why am I complaining, but we are all allowed to feel down and out in our own lives and that's okay too. Your suffering does not take away from someone else's suffering. Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you get back.

  3. See ya soon!! Hope y'all can stay healthy!

  4. Some times a break is needed. Enjoy your time away.

  5. Girl.. I took a break from blogging for about 5 years! So I totally feel you! Sometimes you just get burnt out and you need a break. Enjoy it!